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Consensus Opinion: Sit-n-Spin was a fantastic toy

Date: 7/14/22

YHC had the Q at The Body Shop for an unsurprisingly humid summer morning. YHC regrets not posting this BB sooner so here are the memorable details..

  • Mosey
  • Load a Coke flat with rocks and do a Catch Me If You Can with burpees while the runner pushed the sled as hair burners
  • Head to the fire station and rifle carry your rock
  • Broad jump suicides in the parking spaces
  • Head behind the station to the other parking spaces
  • Crab walk suicides in the parking spaces
  • Back to the school with rocks, curls and rock worth along the way
  • Dragon flies at the school
  • COT


Kudos to J-Woww and Deadbolt for putting up with something on the fly and contributing some ideas less miserable than hair burners all the way to the station. We also discovered that a crab walk suicide set over just five parking spaces is rough. The turnaround led to a laborer discussion of the Sit-n-Spin and this will have to be used in an upcoming weinke. YHC was feeling that in the traps a couple of days later.

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