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Appetizer Served Warm

AO: _Appetizer
Q: C3P0
PAX: William Holman – Xerox, T1000
FNGs: None
DICCS & Mosey to back of the school to hide in the shade for 15x of Hillbillies, LSS, Merkins, MC & dynamic stretching from Cal Poly Hip Flow routine (downward dog, runners stretch, cossack squat, sunworshipper, etc), run over to base of hill (also in shade)

5 lunges each leg then jump/leap as far as you can an continue to the top of the hill. That was so much fun we dis it 4 times.

Run back the way we came stopping in the shade again for some Mary: LBC, feet up touch toes, dolly.

Mosey to COT for quick splash of cool water & head over to the track for circuit of, 3 rounds of: 1 lap (timer), rows leaning back holding swing, step up. Back to COT

LBC, Fredie Mercury(?), dolly x20 reps

We didn’t have any & immediately progressed to getting Xerox setup in Slack (he’s in).

Appreciation to Xerox & T1000 for showing up and willing to challenge themselves despite the intimidating weather (not that bad really, just a but sweaty).

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