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Warm Up: Past 4 square lot to bus lot

20 side straddle hops 

20 imperial walkers

Potatoe pickers

Calf Stretch

Runners stretch

20 merkins

Mosey to 4 squares lot

Center – 10 Burpees, 9 burps, 8 burps, 7 burps

corner 1 – 20 dips

Corner 2 – 20 Step ups

Corner 3 – 20 LBC’s

Corner 4 – 20 merkins

Mosey to back road with lights

alternate lights: 10 Dry Docs and 10x Mike tysons

At end gather for the 6th then down other side

Alternate Light post 10 plank Jacks and 10 lunges

Rock Pile – partner up

Curl’s – 1 runner, 1 curling, Runner timer

Tri Exentions, overhead press, rows, bench press

Mosey to front of school

25 LBCs run lap, 25 donkey kicks then run a lap, 25 Big boys then run lap, Recover.

Indian Run back to COT.

Announcements: Next Tuesday Meet at New Town Elementary Convergence, New Site will be there; Tuesday and Zin jumped back in as Site Q! F3 Dads camping trip this coming weekend.

Prayers: Gracie going through cancer, Mad Dogs Father In Law Gary,

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