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I stay outside

9 total for Kettles for Cowbell at Petsmart this morning. Plan would be to partner up for a good portion of the workout. No FNG’s – DCCS –

Warm O-Rama – Mosey around back of Petsmart. SSH/Merkins/LS Squat and introducing the extending hamstring/back stretch. Stand on the curb with kettlebell – tuck chin to chest and slowly roll/extend until the kettle bell is below your feet. x2

The Thang – Partner up on road in front of Petsmart. Partners at each end of road. Do prescribed exercise run to middle for 5 hand slap merkins and then back to your “end”.

KB Swings 15 x 3 rounds/Gobblet Squat 15 x 3 rounds/curls 15 x 3 rounds.

In between exercises we did an AbWeb.

Head over to Target Parking lot. Continue Partner Work.
P1 does prescribed exercise with both kettlebells -P2 runs to wall and back


Farmer Carry with 2 Kettlebells back to COT/Switch 1/2 with Lunges

time left for 1 minute man makers and hop overs.

Lots of god work being done today:

Chastain – hard to chase him down during the run portion

Carbload – came in late- but got up to speed quickly

Chainsaw- Dude is silent and just crushes it. Headed out West on a vacation he know nothing about until Deadwood gave him the details(and Deadwood is not going). Secret to a long marriage – stay outside when home – garage, yard, pool. Good for the soul.

Ex-Lax – Kudos – was a bit tired today: BUT he showed up – no fartsack in this guy!!

Deadwood – He’s “All-In” again this time… he’s getting back at it and looking forward to Floater tomorrow

C3PO – I had the pleasure to partner with him and he gets after it –

Hazmat Hi Hat- took time off and getting back into it – did a bunch of running yesterday at bushwood – today kb’s

Tonyatine – couldn’t tell it was humid out there today as we was crushing it. Keeps his air at 75. You can vacation on Isle of Palms for a mere $55 per person.


Prayers up for Tonaytine’s brother Kevin- accepted for cancer trial drug. Tim got to see him on vacation

Chastain – August 22nd it becomes official – adoption for his daughter. All of F3 is invited (not really)but it’s a BYOM – Bring your own Meat – he has a grill.

Some of us were able to grab coffee on Chainsaw afterwards..

It’s a blessing to be able to do this with such HIM’s.

kb out

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