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Impromptu BB

Hot morning but we survived and good to see some guys getting back out to the site!

Mosey to front of middle school :20 side straddle hops, Potato pickers, 20 imperial walkers, Calf Stretch, Runners stretch, 20 merkins

Mosey to back sidewalk :11s combined with Paulas: 11 merkins and 1x big Boy

Mosey to Circle Partner Up: Runner timers: LBCs, Flutters, American Hammers, Heels to Heaven

Mosey to Stairs :Top of Stairs 20 Donkey Kicks, Bottom stairs 15 Low slow squats

2 lines… well maybe 3.. Well maybe 3.5 lines for indian run… run to front of middle school and regroup….Try again, 2 lines… maybe 3… Run until times up… Or not… Finish strong with a mix of running, lbcs or catching your breath! Great work for the group today!

Announcements: Clean up next saturday at Kensington August 13th; Next Tuesday convergence at New Town. Watchtower moving back to New town elementary. Bushwood and Watchtower combined now.

Christ Closet needs a folding party or multiple parties soon! Contact ICE9

Off the chain August 26th 6pm for ride, followed by burgers and beers – More info to come from Rockwell.

Chatterbox new site q Swarm – Chatterbox

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