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Parts Unknown(To Me at Least

Bypass asked me to Q Asylum several weeks ago and then I had to bale on him due to previously agreeing to do Ignition the same day. After apologizing and begging for forgiveness, Bypass reluctantly gave me another shot! And today was the day. August 8, 2022.

DiCCs delivered with precisely enough time to set watches and get ready for our opening Mosey.

Warmorama: Mosey around parking lot to pick up a PAX arriving later than the called time but turns out they were headed to MASH and we just kept on keeping on around the back side of PetSmart. Arrived at the street between Target and PS and did Karaoke right and left, then Toy Soldiers and then a dynamic stretch of the legs. After this evolution that took us about 100 yards we continued our Mosey over to the Bank entrance for some stretching and planking. Did a few Mtn Climbers and Merkins in there for good measure.

Thang: Mosey to the Linwood hood and from the entrance do 5 Merkins at each lamp post. At the first turn onto Golden Rain Dr. we switched to 10 Squats at each lamp post. Stopped at Autumn Gold Ct. and started 15 Dry Docks at each lamp post until the Dead End at Meadow Crest. We then did a short Mosey to the culdisac as I explained the next Partner exercise. Get in groups of 3 and 1 stays in Culdisac and does BBSU while 2 &3 run to other Culdisac and back. P2 replaces 1 and then P3 replaces 2. We did this for 2 rounds.

Mosey back to Autumn Gold and up to the Culdisac for Capt. Therkin. started with Hammers for first 5 and switched to LBC for 6, 7 & 8 and finished 9 & 10 with hammers again.

Mosey back to Hardwood Dr. and on our way to the exit, stopped at each lamp post for 10 Bonnie Blairs 1=1 and 10 JLos 2=1.

Crossed back over hwy 84 and into Brooklyn Pizza lot on the front side of bldg and did a Merkin curb crawl. 5 merkins right, 5 merkins left and repeato. Mosey around side of bldg to the short brick wall for 40 Dips and 20 step ups as time ran out. Done!

Good crowd today that stayed mostly quiet. Everyone putting in the work and making the best of a moisty morning workout. Good to see ole Zin back at it after his 12 month sabatical… I think it was more like 2 months or something… Landfill, Butter Man and Slag were MASHing and killing it!

Announcements: Clean up at Kensington this Saturday after Commitment. Convergence at Newtown on Tuesday.

Smokey took us out with a prayer

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