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Smothered lunchroom burrito, aka Poor Man’s Chipotle

Date: 8/4/22

YHC was planning to spend more time as a Body Shop group with the MASHers on a fine Thursday in the late summer gloom, but they all headed down the drain to the Floater. Omaha!


  • Mosey
  • Seal jacks
  • SSH
  • Smurf jacks
  • Plank hops
  • Plank jacks


Chipotle -style workout with 50 of an ab exercise then a lap, followed by 20 merkins, then a lap and on to the next ab:

  • LBC
  • Big Boys with knees spread open
  • Pretzel crunch (run to the court for 10 Dwight Howard backboard slaps along the lap)
  • Opposite pretzel (10 more Dwight Howards)
  • Back scratchers
  • Reverse crunches
  • Heels to heaven
  • Dolly

Back to COT for 25 Chippy Cross to finish it out.


Deadbolt had the brilliant idea to say it wasn’t feeling to humid out at first — that really brought it on and soon the sweat was pouring. Kudos to site FNG Watergate who has made a return to the gloom and is hitting it hard right away. And then Noonan always brings the effort, even if he slides in a comment or two about the awkward Big Boys. Strong effort this morning even if the guys didn’t get a true Chipotle special, only the poor man’s version of it.

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