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Where Did Prickle Go?

AO: _Goo
Q: Dunkin
PAX: Bratwurst, Paper Jam, Jingles, Cliffhanger, Dunkin
FNGs: None

Those of us that arrived early (viz., @Cliffhanger and YHC) did some informal stretching. Kind of feels like cheating to stretch before a stretching/yoga workout. 🤷‍♂️

@Paper Jam did a sweep of the A/O and accomplished a complete cleanup of the site. Take note Mr. @Fusebox WeaselShaker: Giving back to the community accomplished at “The Goo”.  ✔️

@Bratwurst also did a “pre-run” for about an hour and showed up halfway into the broga. So, not sure which one counted as the Main Event for him.

@Jingles’ warmup was, as usual, constructing his “yoga mat” by fitting the square pieces together, removing Cheerios, etc. Starting a GoFundMe account to get Jingles an actual yoga mat.  🤦‍♂️

After refuting @Paper Jam’s claim that I am a professional, we got right to it, starting, of course with “Prime the Pump”/“Bernie Sanders”.
We then progressed through some neck stretches, back stretches, balance poses, twisting poses, and worked our way through a few Sun salutations and Warrior poses.

We finished with some core work—everyone’s favorite “boat pose” and then ended with, of course shavasana (or “corpse pose”).


-F3 Waxhaw 3-year anniversary / Labor Day convergence: Monday, 09/05 @ Cuthbertson.

-Iron Pax Challenge (“IPC”): September.
~Monday site: “The Lycan” (Waxhaw Elementary)
~Wednesday site: “Cowbell” (Petsmart, Wesley Chapel)
~Friday site (relay): At Cuthbertson.


-Still not sure what happened to the “Prickle” part of “Prickle and Goo”. Pax have been asking constantly for an answer (okay, maybe I had one guy ask me).

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