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Craziness at Asylum

AO: Asylum
Q: Dunkin
PAX: Dunkin, Blue Screen, Mute, Bonhoeffer (Jonathan Stephens)
FNGs: None
No marketing the night before and no site Q’s present, but for some reason there were still 4 crazy pax who showed up to Asylum.

-“Bernie Sanders” to get the feet and calves warmed up and burning.
-“Shoulder-o-rama” until those were burning from forward arm circles, backward arm circles, seal claps, overhead seal claps, and Moroccan night clubs.
-Various other warm-up exercises.


-Since we were at “Asylum”, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to do the infamous “Perp Walk” and “Cross Walk”.
-“Perp Walk” – lunge walk across field with hands behind head (“prisoner” style), stopping thrice to do 10 single leg get-ups.
-“Cross Walk” – lunge walk across field with hands spread wide (like a “Cross”), stopping thrice to do 10 double leg get-ups.

-After that we found some wall and did another crowd favorite of “Carolina Jackass”.
~10 Carolina Dry docks, 10 Donkey Kicks, hold feet on wall for 10 seconds.
~Repeato down to 6 of each, as the pax were on the verge of mutiny.

-So, we transitioned over to some partner work, running around the parking lot and doing various exercises, such as “cut-a-flip” (alternate between Merkins and Big Boy sit-ups) and “bench-a-flip” (alternate between step-ups and dips).

-Ended with a nice Ab Web of Big Boy Sit-ups and American Hammers. I think we got up to 9. Nice! =)

There are a few. Check Slack.

YHC took us out. Good work Men!

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