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IPC Week 0 – Bootcamp Style

AO: _Lycan
Q: Dunkin
PAX: Dunkin, Rockslide, Dana, McGruff, Posse, Cliffhanger, Jingles, Premature, Smuggler
FNGs: None
The goal was to take the proposed IPC Week 0 workout from F3 Greenwood and “bootcampify” it. YHC talked to Deadwood (planned Q) ahead of time and we formulated the modified weinke. YHC arrived early to start setting up. Pax started rolling in to Waxhaw Elementary. YHC texted Deadwood to remind him that start time is 5:15A. The weather was beautiful.
Still no Deadwood…
Alright, I’m on Q. Let’s go! =)


Start with a mosey around the parking lot.
Loosen up by doing some side straddle hop.
Then some low, slow squat. We didn’t do too many, but we did proper form, as that is important for doing Squat Thrusters (which we did a lot of).
Same thing with Merkins. We warmed up with just a few Merkins, but proper form. No injuries today Boys!
Another brief mosey and then…


Partner up! Part of the joy of making the workout into a bootcamp was to break it up a little differently (to avoid burnout) and to partner up (so that everyone had someone to encourage/swear at).

Partner 1: The timer. Bear crawl 100′ across the parking lot (marked by cones). Burpee Broad Jump back (3 burpees to 5 broad jumps until returning to starting point).

Partner 2: With coupon (I think everyone chose their favorite cinder block) –> 5 Merkins and 5 Squat Thrusters. Repeato until Partner 1 returns.

5 Rounds each!

Yeah, that was a killer all the way around.

After 5 Rounds (which took the majority of the 45-minute workout), we took a lap around the parking lot and…

Did one more Round! =)


Then it was definitely time for one more mosey lap and some Mary to round it out. A few pax called out some ab exercises and that was time!


(1) Lots of options for IPC in the month of September. Check Slack and join the “iron pax challenge” channel.

(2) Anniversary Convergence on Labor Day @ Cutherbertson Middle School @ 7:00A. Option for bike, run, MASH, and several boot camps.


YHC took us out as we prayed for several specific pax and family members.

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