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AO: Pursuit
Q: Bratwurst
PAX: Paper Jam, Tuck, Ghosted (Christopher Brantigan), Posse, Greg Holencsak – Turnbuckle, Ex-Lax, Damascus, Bratwurst
FNGs: None

WARMUP: with late-arriving PAX, we made the decision to start on loop 1 and meet on Millbridge Pkwy near the start point. When the 3 PAX came back around, no one else in sight. Ghosted was off the warmup the porcelain throne.

THE THANG: original idea to run an ever-increasing 3 loop route that started up the path and headed over to Millbridge Pkwy at different places was scrapped once we couldn’t find the rest of the group. Tuck took off on some intervals, YHC went back to find a lighter Ghosted, and after almost 2mi running in opposite directions, we had 3 again (and reports of PJ getting cozy in the clubhouse). Ghosted and YHC set off to Millbridge PKWY to find the rest of the PAX.

First we spotted TB with his flashing waistband, and then we found Damascus and ExLax on Millbridge PKWY! They were right where they said they would be – about 30minutes late though.

So we headed off together to find Tuck and eventually did, right on the original 1mi loop like we expected.

Once at COT, we were reunited with Posse who had been on a secret scouting mission, and we met a very non-sweaty PJ who had been ducking inside the neighborhood gym teaching Monkey Humpers to all comers.

FINAL NOTES: Just like when you have a plan with your kids in a public place (mall, amusement park, etc.), you should have a place & time to regroup. We mentioned a place, albeit a really long one, but no time. Will be better next time.

– Blood drive on November 5th
– Posse looking to switch for a Pursuit Q in 2 weeks.
– Ghosted is in Slack 1xWeek. Never revealed which day.

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