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Old Boys with Dirty Toys at Body Shop

6 old dues (5 respects) showed up at the Body ShopThis is what went down:

Warm Up: The Usual aka SSH, IW, LSS, slow mosey with dynamic running to scope out the AO (YHC’s virgin post at this awesome AO), plank-o-rama while waiting for the final member of the team.

It’s Your Thang: Welcome to the Curb of Pain where we had 10 stations set up with gear. Time keeper ran around the parking lot loop while the other 5 did strength training. After all had run we moved to the next 5 stations.Time for recess on the playground: 1000 (ish) team reps of bench dips and air squatsBack for round 3 with the gear, pax choice – we got rid of the sand bags and jump rope.Carry gear back to launch. Time for some sprints (no time for Mary). Done.

Gear stations included: kettle bells, ruck plates, sand bags and the following exercises:chest press, curls, tri extensions, lawn mower rowsgoblet squats, step ups, jump ropesandbag thrusters (clean, squat, press), sandbag bear crawl drags (pax favorite)maybe a few more, that was hours ago

Music playlist included songs from: Twister Sister, Beastie Boys, Bodeans, Funktown America, Quiet Riot, Tom Petty, Guns N Roses, and a few others

Mumble Chatter: Didn’t catch much due to the above but apparently Twister Sister (or was it Quiet Riot) has a Christmas version of their hit single, nobody wanted their jump rope form video’d, in fact the jump ropes were told to go back to good will, that’s all I caught. Everyone worked hard this am and we covered a surprising 1.5 miles just running in between sets and back and forth from launch to the playground.“twas an honor and privilege to celebrate YHC’s B’day with these new friends and was worth the early alarm and long drive. It you haven’t posted down here before it’s a great AO and a great group of pax.

Take Out: Gratitude: Get some. Share some.

Announcements: Iron PAX Challenge starts this weekend and there are several AOs around Waxhaw that will be participating if you don’t want to do the work outs alone; a cool event I didn’t catch the details of that includes brews and BBQ and biking or running? Carolina Thread Trail from one of the pax’s home – ask around, sounds great; CPR RUCK 11/5/22 – look for the pre blast in the BB section or on slack – good livin’ while learning CPR.

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