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Convergence Ride

AO: _Bike
Q: Cartel
PAX: Pinto, Boitano, Cartel, Inspector Gadget, Titanium Plates, Cooter, Foley, Miranda
FNGs: 1 Miranda
WARMUP: Gathered at Cuthbertson HS at 7 for Labor Day Convergence
THE THANG: Cooter took us out and we jumped on the trails heading up #4 jump line and then down #1 to the power company loop.  Titanium Plates took the 6 along with our FNG Miranda.  Wound through the woods behind Cuthbertson MS and Lawson, crossed the creek which was super low (Cooter wants to make some improvements while we have the chance) and did the loops there.  Crossed back over the creek and headed back to Cuthbertson HS and finished going up the jump line where we started.  Met up with other workout PAX for COT.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Next Off the Chain ride Wednesday at 6 2409 Surveyor General (Lawson Pool)
COT: 80 strong from combined workouts with inspiring words from Chastain and Posse!

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