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Get On Your Knees

AO: Commitment
Q: Fuse Box
PAX: Fuse Box, Deadwood, Cartel, Chainsaw, Two Hand Touch, Jingles, Posse, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Snowball, Sleeper Hold
FNGs: None
10 guys showed up to workout in the rain. I warned them before we left that there would be no cover and everyone held strong. I fully expected Deadwood to pull a William Wallace and start yelling “HOLD!” after my warning but it wasn’t needed.

WARMUP: Short run up to the school entrance and circle up to allow the late pax to join. Jingles in true Jingles fashion was one of them.
20 SSH’s
10 Potato Pickers
A couple hip poppers
Everyone was there (or so I thought) so lets get to the main attraction.

THE THANG: Faster than a Mosey up the hill to the main road. When the first pax turns around and passes you coming back down then you turn around. Recovery mosey back down. Repeto 3 times. Posse conveniently found us at the end of the third run.

Grab a rock and form a tight circle. I remind pax that tomorrow is 9/11. We will do 10 overhead presses and then one at time go around the circle to tell where you were that day and if you were directly impacted. While the person speaks you hold the rock over your head. At around person 6 I decided we would alternate holding the rocks over our head and putting them down (shoulders were spent). Several pax were in the area and either directly witnessed the event or saw smoke from the area. Popeye was on a Sub that day and told about life on a ship when you go the the highest level of military readiness. JWoww was not there for the workout today but he has a very impactful story as well. He was supposed to be on a train that would have been under the towers when the first plane hit, but his buddy’s bagel wasn’t done toasting so they missed the train (crazy to think about all the what ifs there). Rocks up.

Mosey to the buss parking lot for Progressive (or if you are Chastain then Aggressive) corners.
5 pull ups then run to the next corner for 10 merkins and run back.
5 pull ups, next corner 10 merkins, next corner 15 squats and then run back
5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, 20 speed skaters (Jingles has been around long enough to know not to ask “2 is 1?”. He said “I’m not asking” with a grin).
5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats, 20 speed skaters, 25 dips and run the entire square (rectangle?) back to the start.

I asked for a 10 count out of posse just to be a dick and he returned my dickyness (did I just invent a word?) with some dickyness of his own so I q jacked and moseyed to the stairs.

At the stairs….9 times up the stairs with 11 squats at the bottom and 11 dry docks at the top.

About 10 minutes left so we grabbed some rocks for partner work and split 150 curls and 150 triceps while the partner ran.

3 minutes left so one last run up the hill with a mosey back to COT. Snowball baited me into a jail break back to COT and then took off like a horse that just got slapped on the ass. So fast that apparently he missed the garbage truck pulling out in front of him and blew right through the intersection.

Prayers for Radar and his depression. From yesterdays Q source we prayed that he would find hope for better days that would help pull him out of his dark days.

Prayers for Chainsaw’s niece Anna Beth who is fighting cancer.

Prayers for the men at White Lake doing the Christ Closet give away.

Snowball got talked into doing the boot camp today by DW. I think he got his money’s worth.

Sleeper Hold out after a 3 year (though DW says 7 year) hiatus. In typical Lynch fashion he was pushing the pace, but didn’t appear to be as mouthy as his brother. More of the silent big stick type. He demolished the pull ups.

Two Hand was shot out of a cannon today. He looked like a man on a mission to prove something as he was not only out front, but out front by a good pace. I tried to give him a hard time in another pax voice about him “being a Diesel guy so shouldn’t he be slow” but he was way to far away to even hear me. Great work today.

Posse arrived late and assumed we would look for cover (he assumed wrong). But I made sure he got at least one hill run in at the end.

Deadwood was still reeling from IPC and IPC relay so he was not a fan of the Merkins I called. By round 3 of the progressive corners he was burning out and Posse suggested he “Get on his knees” and thus a back blast title was born. I joked that I thought about calling bear crawls to see if he would do them and he assured me that he wouldn’t have.

While late, Jingles was pushing pace in the hill runs. Caused me to turn my pace up a notch. Thanks for being my rabbit today. Good work.

Cartel putting work in today and what looked like a sauna jacket that wouldn’t allow heat to escape. Kept checking to make sure he hadn’t passed out. He appears to be a Chainsaw in training.
No complaints. Good work today.

Chainsaw was Mr. reliable as always. Hard work, no complaints.

The OG’s knew to wear hats today. You could tell the new guys from the ones that have worked out in rain before.

We are 21 years removed from 9/11. When Dana reached out that baseball would pull him away I knew I wanted to do something to remember that day. I had planned to lead with the stair run but quickly realized it was too dark so I delayed it until the end. We ended up running up 252 stairs with “breaks” at each end. Firefighter Orio Palmer last checked in from the 78th floor of the South Tower that day carrying 50 pounds of gear on his back. So quick math says that he climbed 1,560 stairs that day. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been.

Everyone remembers were they were and what they were doing that day. It was moving hearing some of the stories of pax who were directly impacted.

Thanks again to those that came today. You never know who will show in the rain but I can say some of my most fun F3 times have been while cutting up with pax in the rain.

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