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Fire it up!

AO: Commitment
Q: Deadwood
PAX: Gerber, Greg Holencsak – Turnbuckle, Radar, Doughboy, Rain Man, F3-Waxhaw Brutus, Dasher – Jeff Green, Landfill, Chainsaw, Atlas, McGruff, Deadwood, Mad Dog, Chastain, Fuse Box, Scalper
FNGs: None

Long mosey past mill bridge clubhouse, under the bridge and circle up at the school. 1.3 with circle back. Mumble chatter was spewing from a few.

Calf stretch
Runners lunge
10 merkins IC
Maybe something else….


No clue what to call this except suck!

6 cones 45’ apart from a hexagon in the center of the school parking lot.

Each cone had 3 exercises with 5 reps each.

Beside each cone was either a 35 or 45lb plate. Next the weights will be lighter.

2-3 pax per cone to start, line up. First pax in line did hairburner ( if you dont know, they may coming to an AO near you!) 45’ to the next cone while waiting pax did 3 exercises.

Each person at each cone pushed the plate to the next cone in a counter clockwise direction until they returned to their cone.

While waiting on a plate to arrive all the pax at the cone R&R the 3 exercises until a plate is available to push. You get the idea or you don’t?

I started with 5 rounds but by round 2.25 some pax basically stopped pushing the plates. Chastain was cone mate so I asked him which cone we stop at…he says I thought we were doing 5 rounds? “Look around Chastain, they won’t make it”. Meanwhile I see Dasher screaming by pushing 2 stacked plates! That happened a few times, way to push man.

AUDIBLE! Stop at 3 rounds.

Let’s mosey or almost fall on your face, talk about rubber legs.

I’ll admit, I felt pretty good this morning. Let’s just keep this theme going.

7’s along hill at entrance.
Burpees at the bottom
Dry docks at the top

Chainsaw actually cussed at me as I lapped his old….soul. I love it. Haha.

Mosey to traffic circle with like….7ish min.

Wave of merkins to 150
HUGE shoutout to Torpedo, Radars 2.0!!

Torpedo held the plank and did the best merkin he could and counted through the whole thing….as some pax couldn’t. Embrace the suck and push through! Stop giving up.

2 mins to quick Mary.

20 pistols IC
20-30 flutters. IC


Well done today! Thanks for showing up and giving all you have.


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