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The following is a list of REST API endpoints for fetching JSON data from the website. If there is an endpoint you don’t see, that you would like, please reach out.

You’ll find that each response payload includes plenty of helpful links to relevant data as well.

The root of the API is located at GET


Pax Names

Site Names


This website supports GraphQL! Feel free to make use of the GraphiQL tool to help build your query. Here is a couple simple examples that can be built upon using JavaScript’s fetch API:

Fetching Posts

This request does the following:

  • Fetch 5 Posts
  • Ordered by Date in Descending order
  • Pass back the date, title, along with the associated tag ids and names
let query = `
query MyQuery {
  posts(first: 5, where: {orderby: {field: DATE, order: DESC}}) {
    nodes {
      tags {
        nodes {
fetch("", {
  method: "POST", 
  headers: {"content-type": "application/json"},
  body: JSON.stringify({ query })