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Detailed Profile

By filling out the form below, it enables us to do the following:

  • Know where people are traveling from. So as we look to create more workout locations, we can do our best to create one near you!
  • In case of emergency, have the name and phone number of someone to contact.
  • Create a User and Tag for you, so that you can keep track of where and when you join us for a workout in our app.
  • This information will never be sold
  • Everything asked below is COMPLETELY optional

    For as many times as you have shown up, you like us (or you find us mildly intriguing). Well, we already know we like you! We would like to know more about you and give you hints on making future workouts and events more effective. If you complete all the fields below, we'll get you a STICKER!😲🤩
  • We hope it never occurs, but accidents happen. Even after you fill this out, we encourage you to buy something like (not affiliated with F3 at all).
  • We use this info in several ways:
    1. Knowing where people live tells us where to plant the next workout site.
    2. A significant factor of whether you return is if other guys in your neighborhood are also in F3. We'll notify you when a new guy from your neighborhood starts F3.
  • We can notify you if other F3 guys work near you, so you have the opportunity to have lunch or happy hour with them. If enough men work close enough to each other, we can help set up a standing lunch (ex: 2nd Friday of every month).
  • Most of the guys you work out with don't know what you do for a living. Most of the time, that's irrelevant, and one of the great equalizers about F3.
    There are times, though, when a guy is out of work. You two may be in the same industry, but neither of you know it. This helps bring guys together in that situation.

    Your LinkedIn profile should start like:

    If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, type N/A.