[_2nd-f-fellowship] Brooklyn pizza

AO: _2nd-f-fellowship Q: Hatchet PAX: 2xT, Zinfandel, Pinto, Black Hat, Posse, Pyro, Chopper, Chastain, Hatchet, Black hat 2.0, fng Aaron, Aaron FNGs: 1 Aaron COUNT: 11 Good lunch with robust group and private discussion abounding.

[_2nd-f-fellowship] If you coerce a chance in location, should you then attend the event?

AO: _2nd-f-fellowship Q: Das Boot PAX: Posse, Fuse Box, Das Boot, The Worm FNGs: None COUNT: 4 WARMUP: Standing in line, selecting a table (good job, Posse), and some chatter. THE THANG: Various sandwiches, beverages, chips. MOLESKINE: Great conversation about rugby, teaching, youth sports, kids in college and tequila. Originally, Taziki’s was the food of […]

[_2nd-f-fellowship] Lunch at Hick Tav

AO: _2nd-f-fellowship Q: Hatchet PAX: Joey, Kyle Maul-Breadbowl, Doughboy, Posse, Hatchet FNGs: None COUNT: 5 5 for lunch to talk about life and catch up. All around good time.

[_2nd-f-fellowship] Bastille Day at Chipotle

AO: _2nd-f-fellowship Q: Das Boot PAX: Das Boot, O69, Posse, The Worm FNGs: None COUNT: 4 it’s Bastille Day for France so naturally we went to a faux Mexican place for lunch. Good times where we learned about O69’s wife and the Kirby sales tactics, The Worm’s life in bonds-age, Stanley county and other fun […]

[_2nd-f-fellowship] Paper Trail

AO: _2Nd-F-Fellowship Q: Cliffhanger PAX: Bullwinkle, Posse, Cliffhanger, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Dunkin (TPNTP) Drive By wanted to stay, but he got stung out on the trail this morning, & things were starting to itch & swell. Great talk about American vs European tells. And extremely awkward talk taken out […]

[_2nd-f-fellowship] Pursuit

AO: _2Nd-F-Fellowship Q: Flip Phone PAX: Damascus, Posse, Flip Phone FNGs: None COUNT: 3 Dunkin (TPNTP) FP promised all the Kool Floater Kids would be there, but that was a lie.

[_2nd-f-fellowship] Poppy seeds

AO: _2Nd-F-Fellowship Q: Hatchet PAX: Pinto, Hatchet, Redzepi, Posse, SOGGY FNGs: None COUNT: 5 5 for lunch at poppy seeds talking life, family, and work

[_2nd-f-fellowship] Crappy Weather be Damned

AO: _2Nd-F-Fellowship Q: Mad Dog PAX: Doughboy, Schneider/Tom Evans, Centerfold, Blue Screen, Chastain, Kyle Maul-Breadbowl, Elmer’s, Easy Button, Halfback and Bluescreen’s two sons. There were other Pax that floated in but missed the pic. FNGs: None COUNT: 14 THE THANG: Fellowship and firewater by the pool! The weather was sub optimal but we had fun.

[_2nd-f-fellowship] Coffee

AO: _2Nd-F-Fellowship Q: Deadwood PAX: Chastain, Deadwood, Mad Dog FNGs: None COUNT: 3 GC stories of near death!’

[_2nd-f-fellowship] Little Big conversation

AO: _2Nd-F-Fellowship Q: Das Boot PAX: Das Boot, Radar, Posse, Pinto, Mute, SOGGY, Two Timer, Rockslide, Torpedo FNGs: None COUNT: 9 2nd F lunch at Little Big Burger in Rea Farms and the food was pretty darn tasty. Take the M or 2.0s there sometime. Unfortunately, if you’re taking them, you won’t get the same […]