[_playhouse] Commitment and Paper Trail Saturday Special.

AO: _playhouse Q: Jingles ( F3 Waxhaw) , Damascus PAX: Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Deep Dish, Cliffhanger, Mad Dog, Damascus, Pyro, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Cutlet, 2xT, Posse, Rocketman, Jingles ( F3 Waxhaw), Fuse Box, Dunkin, Rudy, Kid Rock, Smithers, Doughboy, Southern Tip – Brent, Tonto FNGs: 1 Tonto COUNT: 20 What had happened […]

[_playhouse] Soutbrook Split Unnamed AO

AO: _playhouse Q: Transporter , Blue Screen PAX: Chainsaw, Chastain, ChatterBox, Dasher – Jeff Green, Rain Man, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Transporter, Blue Screen, Tron, Gerber FNGs: None COUNT: 10 Transporter first half hour at Dogwood park up and down hill w burpees, durkins, box jumps, squats, etc Blue screen second half hour on Southbrook […]

[paper_trail] Trails Are Calling

AO: paper_trail Q: Damascus PAX: Dunkin, Damascus, 2xT, Kid Rock, Smithers, Cliffhanger, Carb Load, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Mad Dog, Cutlet FNGs: None COUNT: 10 What had happened was: Marketing from Cliffhanger was so hyped, we had an amazing turnout of runners, ruckers, and some mix. We ran out 45 min and back. Some […]

[last_call] Leg Therapy

AO: last_call Q: C3P0 PAX: Punxsy, Posse, Rooster FNGs: None COUNT: 4 Disccs given and we’re off,.. to get Rooster who was mislead on where to park the first time he came (kind of like how I called LBCs and started doing Freddy Mercury, so he followed my lead and is more confused about our […]

[short_circuit] More miles, less stations

AO: short_circuit Q: Kid Rock PAX: Kid Rock FNGs: None COUNT: 1 Pretty intentionally decided to plan for solo again today. YHC needed mileage. Pre-run and less stations required to hit 7 miles. I will soon start promoting this site and planning an official launch… Keep an eye out

[impromptu] Snappy title placeholder

AO: impromptu Q: Chastain PAX: Chastain, J-Woww, Schneider/Tom Evans, Zinfandel, Doughboy, Sledge-O-Matic, Deep Dish, Black Hat, Dana, Chainsaw, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Rockwell, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Deadwood, Rain Man, Transporter, Dunkin, ChatterBox FNGs: None COUNT: 18 What had happened was: It didn’t rain hard like I’d hoped.

[swarm] Swarming

AO: swarm Q: Chicken Little PAX: Easy Button, Mute, Damascus, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Hooch – Bret Turner, Deflated, Schnitzel, Chicken Little, Dasher – Jeff Green, Singlet – Justin Nelson, Foundation, Smithers FNGs: None COUNT: 12 What had happened was: We ran and did stuff – run through retirement community across street and knock […]

[diesel] Fellowship of the Pax

AO: diesel Q: Premature PAX: Mayhem, Rockslide, Premature FNGs: None COUNT: 3 What had happened was: It rained. We audibles to a fellowship walk. It was the right decision.

[body_shop] Better on paper

AO: body_shop Q: Strawberry PAX: Das Boot, Mayhem, Sun Drop, Lambeau, Hatchet, Penalty Box, Commish, Big Tuna, Chipotle FNGs: None COUNT: 10 What had happened was: We did biceps, presses, bent rows, thrusters with rocks; catch me if you can up the road to the fire station with lifting rocks; brick suicides; man maker merkins […]

[the_floater] Reindeer Games

AO: the_floater Q: Dasher – Jeff Green PAX: Chastain, Easy Button, Bottlecap, Transporter, Ice9, Smithers, ChatterBox, Black Hat, Singlet – Justin Nelson, Hooch – Bret Turner, Hi-Hat, Twinkle toes, Seabass- Tim Carey, Deflated, Foundation, Rockwell, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Dana, Dasher – Jeff Green FNGs: None COUNT: 19 Preparation = Success The hard stuff Merkin […]