[dromedary] Hump Day 6.12 workout

AO: dromedary Q: Punxsy PAX: Das Boot, Centerfold, Turkeydrop, Dana, Deep Dish, Goodfella FNGs: None COUNT: 7 What had happened was: Mosey around the MHS campus, warmups and stretching. Ran between triangle stations of Tyson, Merkins, Dips, x 3. Abs session, followed by a longer mosey + decline/incline/diamond merkins + 1/2 lap mosey x 3. […]

[dromedary] Steamy hump

AO: dromedary Q: Rooster PAX: Punxsy, Centerfold, Schnitzel, Posse, Big Tuna,Turkey Drop, Goodfella FNGs: None COUNT: 8 Mosey, SSH, turkish nightclubs, seal claps, stretching Dromedary spine run – merkins at ends and squats in middle x 10 – 2 rounds Parking lot paula abduls on islands with bobby hurleys and merkins x 5 sprinting long […]

[dromedary] Last Dromedary one-Q-May

AO: dromedary Q: Schnitzel PAX: Das Boot, Hot Yoga, Dana, Punxsy, J-Woww, Noonan FNGs: None COUNT: 7 What had happened was: Warmup mosey to front of HS, Motivator (SSH-stuff) from 10 to 6 15x of each: Moroccan Nightclub, Imperial Walker, Potato Picker, Mountain Climbers Calf and runners stretch Mosey to bend Paul abdul to cafeteria […]

[dromedary] 3 Falcons and wasps at the camel for an F3versary

AO: dromedary Q: Das Boot PAX: Dana, Centerfold, Das Boot FNGs: None COUNT: 3 What had happened was: Wednesday was a surprisingly light day across Waxhaw but 3 brave PAX posted at Dromedary to shoot for the FALCON. We started at the rock pile where YHC got the surprise of a new wasp nest on […]

[dromedary] 1 and I’m out

AO: dromedary Q: Dana PAX: Centerfold, Schnitzel, Premature, Dana, Falcon, Rooster FNGs: None COUNT: 6 What had happened was: 6 guys showed up to Dromedary and did stuff. Burpees, squats, merkins, big boys, derkins, irking, step ups, aid jabs, presses, some bear crawls, and a few more burpees. The site Qs need to crowdfund for […]

[dromedary] Moon shining

AO: dromedary Q: Rooster PAX: Dana, Centerfold, Punxsy, Das Boot FNGs: None COUNT: 5 What had happened was: Stretching, mosey, shoulder burn, b2w Circuits, snakes and starfishs of merkins, burpees, air squats, and Tyson’s, getting ready for murph Finished with some freddy, flutters and lbcs.

[dromedary] A little drizzle

AO: dromedary Q: Hatchet PAX: Hatchet, Dana, Centerfold, Punxsy, Das Boot, Posse, 2xT, Deep Dish FNGs: None COUNT: 8 What had happened was:

[dromedary] 3/20 Backblast – making up for missed assignment

AO: dromedary Q: Punxsy PAX: Schnitzel, Centerfold, Twinkle toes, Das Boot, Noonan, One Star, Deep Dish FNGs: None COUNT: 8 What had happened was: Centerfold reminded me that I have missed this Backblast from 3/20. As I sit here and try to figure out what happened that day, all I can remember is some heavy […]

[dromedary] Celebrating International Women’s Day at Dromedary

AO: dromedary Q: Das Boot PAX: Twinkle toes, Hi-Hat, Hatchet, Posse, Punxsy, Centerfold, Das Boot, Dana, Deep Dish, Big Tuna, Chipotle FNGs: None COUNT: 11 What had happened was: To celebrate the recent Women’s Day and the ongoing Month, YHC went with all female-named exercises: – Rockette Hillbillies – Little Orphan Annie – Nancy Kerrigans […]

[dromedary] Soggy hump day

AO: dromedary Q: Dunkin PAX: Punxsy, Dana, Deep Dish, Rooster, Dunkin FNGs: None COUNT: 5 We had a nice view of several dry shelters throughout the workout but embraced the beautiful, wet morning. Plenty of crowd favorites with “Carolina Jackass”, an ab web, partner work w/ “Cut a Flip” and “Bench a Flip”, wall work, […]