[flash] Pay your taxes Monday

AO: flash Q: Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano PAX: Gerber, Tron, Elmer’s, Easy Button, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Draper, ChatterBox, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Bottlecap, Spitz, Noonan, Falcon, Chicken Little, Glidah, Foundation, Chastain, One Star, Posse, Seabass- Tim Carey, Shriver, Chainsaw, Deflated, Maple Syrup, Ice9, Sledge-o-matic, shopdawg, O-69, afterburner, Punxty, Hollywood, FNGs: None […]

[flash] Nobody died

AO: flash Q: Chastain PAX: Chastain, Easy Button, Elmer’s, Shriver, Inspector Gadget, Twinkle toes, Schneider/Tom Evans, Cutlet, Falcon, Animal Chris VanDruff, Chainsaw, Jedi, Noonan, Deflated, Bottlecap, O-69, Zinfandel, Foundation FNGs: None COUNT: 18 What had happened was: Dasher had to take a leak. No wait. His house took a leak and then Dasher had to […]

[mount_x] Expert in Religion!

AO: mount_x Q: Chicken Little PAX: Bottlecap, ChatterBox, Chicken Little, Doughboy, Elmer’s, Falcon, O-69, Premature, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Shriver, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Maple Syrup, Spitz, Rocket man , catfish, Draper FNGs: None COUNT: 16 WARMUP: Mosey SSH Some merkins and stretching THE THANG: Rifle carry to Mount X 6 exercises 1min and […]

[impromptu] Keep them moving

AO: impromptu Q: Recalc- Keith Balaniz PAX: Singlet – Justin Nelson, Schneider/Tom Evans, Chastain, Deadwood, Dana, Hooch – Bret Turner, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Rain Man, Gerber, Rockwell, Surge – Jim Connell, Zinfandel, Spitz, Falcon, Blue Screen, Chainsaw, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Mute, Mad Dog, Elmer’s, ChatterBox, O-69, Shake, Doughboy FNGs: None COUNT: […]

[the_rock] Let’s work

AO: _Rock Q: Chicken Little PAX: Chicken Little, Black Hat, Mayhem, Two Hand Touch, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Roomba, O-69, penalty box, tulip, spitz, sledge-o-Matic, FNGs: None COUNT: 11 WARMUP: Walk then stretch THE THANG: Work with coupons and mix in an exercises— rifle carries, squat thrusters, block merkins, triceps, military press and curls […]