[ruckus] Sunday Walk

AO: ruckus Q: Cutlet PAX: Rockslide, Dunkin, Cliffhanger, Animal Chris VanDruff, Pyro, Cutlet, Pork chop FNGs: 1 Pork chop COUNT: 7 What had happened was: walk and good discussion.

[paper_trail] Chatterbox’s Revenge

AO: paper_trail Q: Rubbermaid PAX: Carb Load, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Glidah, Gerber, Rockslide, Cliffhanger, Radar, Cutlet, ChatterBox, Two Hand Touch, Rubbermaid, Dunkin FNGs: None COUNT: 12 Chatterbox back on the trails after an injury made him fear the trail. He killed it! We kinda stayed together drive by tried to follow a deer […]

[diesel] Close call

AO: diesel Q: Deadwood PAX: Penalty Box, Deadwood, Loafer, Shriver, Rockslide, Animal Chris VanDruff, Lambeau, Roomba, Shop Dawg FNGs: None COUNT: 9 What had happened was: if you feel funny or have unusual cheats pain tell someone immediately.

[wxw_express] Marvintervals

AO: wxw_express Q: Tuck PAX: Kid Rock, Damascus, Centerfold, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Gerber, Rockslide, Nip, Posse, Das Boot, Seabass- Tim Carey, Bottlecap FNGs: None COUNT: 12 We hit the soggy streets of Marvin Creek during the monthly convergence at Bushwood for some intervals: 1,000m @ 10k pace, 500m @ 5k pace, 500m @ […]

[bushwood] Country Club Convergence

AO: bushwood Q: Tanyatine-Tim Braun PAX: Twinkle toes, Transporter, Premature, Smithers, Rain Man, Dunkin, Chastain, Rockslide, Radar, Bottlecap, Singlet – Justin Nelson, Afterburn, Deflated, Centerfold, Deadbolt, Schneider/Tom Evans, ChatterBox, Fuse Box, Posse, Gerber, Hi-Hat, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Surge – Jim Connell, Damascus, Hooch – Bret Turner, Foundation, Kid Rock, Tron, Nip, Das Boot, […]

[diesel] Automatic Weinke of Frowns

AO: diesel Q: Roomba PAX: Sony, Penalty Box, Mayhem, Rockslide, Shop Dawg, Sledge-O-Matic, Roomba FNGs: None COUNT: 7 What had happened was: I am but a messenger, ’tis Roomba’s tale to tell.

[ruck_u] Teamwork makes the dream work

AO: ruck_u Q: Radar PAX: Rockslide, Dunkin, McGruff, Radar FNGs: None COUNT: 4 What had happened was: We rucked to the still unopened park. We did about 160 squats as part of a team building exercise; then a one round AMRAP. We started rucking some more and beginning discussing Shield Locks, the Flux, teams, and […]

[ruckus] Happy Easter!

AO: ruckus Q: Cliffhanger PAX: Cutlet, Dunkin, Rockslide, Cliffhanger, Kermit, Blades, Sprinkles, Clay, Rocket, Hoops, Avalanche FNGs: 2 Hoops, Avalanche COUNT: 11 What had happened was: In pursuit of a sunrise, 11 woke up early for an eventful trip around Cutty. The younger ones got to walk backwards, bear crawl, do dips, burpees, donkey kicks, […]

[_playhouse] Blessing and Curses

AO: _playhouse Q: Doughboy PAX: Fuse Box, ChatterBox, Chainsaw, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Carb Load, Chastain, Doughboy, Rockslide, SnB, Deep Dish, Bottlecap, Strawberry, Premature, Dunkin, Cliffhanger, Dasher – Jeff Green, Jingles ( F3 Waxhaw), Paper Jam, Mad Dog, Centerfold, Shriver, Shop Dawg, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Kyle Maul-Breadbowl, Cutlet FNGs: None COUNT: 25 What […]

[paper_trail] Triple-“Hit-the-Decker” Club Sandwich

AO: paper_trail Q: Carb Load PAX: Carb Load, Chastain, Cliffhanger, Dasher – Jeff Green, Cutlet, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Jingles ( F3 Waxhaw), Rockslide FNGs: None COUNT: 8 What had happened was: YHC went out early to get rid of any spider webs and check the trails for wet spots. (Insert school boy snickering […]