[body_shop] Mostly dry

AO: Body_Shop Q: Hatchet PAX: Posse, Das Boot, Hatchet, SOGGY, Deep Dish FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Mosey around in the light rain towards back end of parking lot. Posse came in tardy so we circled back and met him under the overhang so his reward for being late was staying dry. Side straddle hops. […]

[body_shop] I smell like worms

AO: Body_Shop Q: Das Boot PAX: Hatchet, Das Boot, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, SOGGY FNGs: None COUNT: 4 MOLESKINE: YHC was in bed, trying to drag himself out and head to the workout when a text arrived from the Q saying the family got sick overnight and he couldn’t make it. That’ll make you jump out of […]

[the_rock] Can we stay warm?

AO: _Rock Q: Deadwood PAX: Centerfold, Two Hand Touch, SOGGY, Deadwood, Tulip FNGs: None COUNT: 5 Cold cold cold!!! 12 cones spaced every other parking space in a straight line. All pax stay together and complete exercise together…no six. Do exercise and rifle carry to next cone. At the end drop block and mosey back […]

[the_appetizer] Burpees for Cardinal

AO: _Appetizer Q: C3P0 PAX: William Holman – Xerox, Southern Tip – Brent, SOGGY, Gobbles FNGs: None COUNT: 5 DISCCS (2 CPR certified in attendance) WARMUP: mosey around school (little scare with Xerox twisting his ankle), circle up for 12x SSH IW LSS, plank to can opener, reach to the sky stretching a bit and […]

[commitment] Circle back!

AO: Commitment Q: Deadwood PAX: PSenick – F3 twinkle toes, Kid Rock, Posse, Premature, Deadwood, Rain Man, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Dasher – Jeff Green, Chastain, Zinfandel, Chainsaw, Mad Dog, Two Hand Touch, Fuse Box, SOGGY, Rockwell, Sleephold, The Bean FNGs: None COUNT: 18 The goal, and I think we did a good job, was […]

[the_rock] Happy Birthday Penalty Box

AO: _Rock Q: Elmer’s PAX: SOGGY, Two Hand Touch, Elmer’s, Spitz, Cliffhanger, Mad Dog, Rockwell, Black Hat, Chainsaw, Nessie, Roomba, Lambeau, Penalty Box, Tulip, Schriver FNGs: None COUNT: 15 WARMUP: SSH, Rocking Night Clubs, Arm Circles, Seal Claps, plank, calf stretch, runners pose, upward and downward dog THE THANG: No running but walking is allowed […]

[commitment] Free throws ain’t free

AO: Commitment Q: Judge Smails PAX: Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Munchkin, Rockslide, Rockwell, Deadwood, Dasher – Jeff Green, Tuck, Jingles, Centerfold, Two Hand Touch, PSenick – F3 twinkle toes, Atlas, Elmer’s, Chainsaw, Shop Dawg, Hi-Hat, Posse, Doughboy, Deep Dish, Zinfandel, Fuse Box, SOGGY, Head Spin and son Tap Out visiting from Fort Mill FNGs: None […]

[the_floater] Mud and burpees

AO: _Floater Q: Damascus PAX: Bottlecap, Chainsaw, Dasher – Jeff Green, Deflated, Easy Button, Elmer’s, Ice9, Mad Dog, Nessie, One Star, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Rockslide, Rockwell, Smithers, Surge – Jim Connell, Transporter, Damascus, Soggy, twinkle toes, Schneider FNGs: None COUNT: 20 WARMUP: we did things THE THANG: MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: