[the_floater] Deaf, Dumb, But Certainly Not Mute Convergence

AO: the_floater Q: Damascus PAX: Dana, Mayhem, Falcon, Hooch – Bret Turner, Penalty Box, Kid Rock, Jitterbug, Mad Dog, Shania, Centerfold, Catfish, Flip Phone, Elmer’s, Ghosted (Christopher Brantigan), Foundation, Tron, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Rubbermaid, Fester, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Zinfandel, Das Boot, Black Hat, Easy Button, Rag, Hi-Hat, Dasher – Jeff Green, Dunkin, […]

[_bike] Healthy Addiction

AO: _bike Q: Endo , Stretcher, Rag PAX: Rockwell, Hi-Hat, Buffet, Damascus, Rag, Kick Stand, Stretcher, Twinkle toes, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Mustard, Hall Monitor, Endo, Goldmember, FloppyDisk, Juice FNGs: 2 FloppyDisk, Juice COUNT: 15 What had happened was: Rag lead the fast group and Stretcher the faster group. The very few and brave […]

[bushwood] The New 52

AO: bushwood Q: Posse PAX: Dana, Hi-Hat, Maple Syrup, Noonan, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, Deep Dish, Twinkle toes, Posse FNGs: None COUNT: 8 The Thang Start with a burpee circle New game: RPS-BS Hit several other circles off campus Seems like we found a new lake/pond; arguments about its circularity Touch-A-Man-Tuesday was not well received:man-shrugging: Thruster Circle […]

[the_floater] Four Tee Five

AO: the_floater Q: Gerber PAX: Chastain, Jitterbug, Centerfold, Singlet – Justin Nelson, Deadwood, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Twinkle toes, Shania, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Inspector Gadget, Seabass- Tim Carey, Gerber, Rain Man, Deflated, Zinfandel, Hot Yoga, Hooch – Bret Turner, Cliffhanger, Easy Button, Falcon, Ice9 FNGs: None COUNT: 21 45th birthday Q Last time my birthday […]

[pursuit] Planned Pocket Park Parade route- busted

AO: pursuit Q: Kid Rock PAX: Flip Phone, Rubbermaid, Paper Jam, Goodfella, Kilo – Gareth Davies, Twinkle toes, Fester, Tupperware FNGs: None COUNT: 9 We had a planned route- Mosey to the first pocket park, Sprint the circle, mosey to next Pocket Park- Rinse/repeat Easy game plan- it lasted for 1 park. Paper Jam decided […]

[bushwood] Rocking Bushwood

AO: bushwood Q: Dunkin PAX: Posse, Dana, Dunkin, Noonan, Hi-Hat, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, Twinkle toes, One Star, Big Tuna, Chipotle FNGs: None COUNT: 10 Lots of rock work and good times! =)

[flash] No man behind

AO: flash Q: Dasher – Jeff Green PAX: Falcon, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Inspector Gadget, Gerber, Twinkle toes, Hi-Hat, Chainsaw, Schneider/Tom Evans, O69, Rocketman, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, Drydock, Mad Dog, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Jitterbug – Greg Masching, Dasher – Jeff Green, Spitz, Madoff, James Liechty FNGs: None COUNT: 19 What had happened was: First off […]

[_3rd-f-service] Tabula Rasa Farm – Service Project

AO: _3rd-f-service Q: Mad Dog , ChatterBox, Bottlecap PAX: Zinfandel, Elmer’s, Animal Chris VanDruff, Dasher – Jeff Green, Blue Screen, Magnolia, Twinkle toes, Southern Tip – Brent FNGs: None COUNT: 11 What had happened was: We crushed a laundry list of work that Robert and his wife needed done around their animal hospice farm. We […]

[_bike] OTC epic ride

AO: _bike Q: Rag PAX: Paul Boskovich – Kodak, Buffet, Hi-Hat, Endo, Damascus, Kick Stand, Cartel, Twinkle toes, Cableguy, Dasher – Jeff Green, Mustard, Southern Tip – Brent, Titanium Plates, Thanos, Rockwell FNGs: None COUNT: 16 What had happened was: 16 fine gentlemen arrived promptly by 6 ready to shred. We split up into a […]

[the_floater] 4 corners of he🏒🏒

AO: the_floater Q: Twinkle toes PAX: Falcon, Posse, Shania, Glidah, Hollywood, Chastain, Tron, Ice9, Dunkin, Foundation, Easy Button, O69, Seabass- Tim Carey, Deflated, Transporter, Centerfold, Hi-Hat, Twinkle toes, Inspector Gadget, Dana FNGs: None COUNT: 20 What had happened was: nice warm up as usual then the 4 corners around church street as follows: do all […]