[pursuit] Let’s run

AO: Pursuit Q: Chicken Little PAX: Chicken Little, Paper Jam, Posse, Indo, Tuck, Bratwurst, Flip Phone FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: Run up hill THE THANG: Run with interval work and achieve 6 plus miles MARY: none ANNOUNCEMENTS: POSSE WAS FIRST person at the site when I arrived— HE WAS EARLY!!!! CPR training coming up […]

[pursuit] Snow plow or Salt Truck

AO: Pursuit Q: Bratwurst PAX: Ghosted (Christopher Brantigan), Paper Jam, Jingles, Bratwurst FNGs: None COUNT: 4 4 PAX at Pursuit got paid by the County to salt the roads prior to incoming :snow_cloud::snowflake:. Still awaiting GPS verification from @Jingles, but it does look like we missed a spot in SC (they weren’t paying us, so […]

[diesel] 12 Days of 0.0 Christmas

AO: Diesel Q: Bratwurst PAX: Two Hand Touch, Mayhem, Radar, Black Hat, Lambeau, Bratwurst FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: Various counts of 12: SSH, LSS, Merkins, Don quixote – all to Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is coming to town”. THE THANG: full playlist here: format is do 1, then 2/1, then 3/2/1, etc. all the way […]