[cowbell] Kinda looked good on paper….

AO: Cowbell Q: Deadwood PAX: Bottlecap, Glidah, Two Timer, Posse, Deadwood, C3P0, Damascus, Dasher – Jeff Green, Rain Man, Chastain, Premature, Swimmers FNGs: None COUNT: 12 Too many move it parts. KISS moving forward.

[cowbell] Do I have to do everything myself?

AO: Cowbell Q: Transporter PAX: Transporter, Chastain, Black Hat, Zinfandel, Dunkin, Deadwood, ChatterBox, PSenick – F3 twinkle toes, Gerber, Rain Man, Hi-Hat, Catfish, Blue Screen FNGs: None COUNT: 13 Transporter signed himself up, provided his own marketing, brought his own gear (slam balls) and then proceeded to hand us our own butts. A+++ workout. Would […]

[cowbell] Ring the swings

AO: Cowbell Q: Transporter PAX: Chastain, ChatterBox, Rain Man, Gerber, Zinfandel, Blue Screen, Dunkin, Transporter, Deadwood, Catfish, Black Hat, Twinkle toes, high hat FNGs: None COUNT: 13 WARMUP: basic THE THANG: 30,20, 10 MARY: some ANNOUNCEMENTS: giveaway February 18th COT:

[cowbell] Run Around the Target Shipping Containers

AO: Cowbell Q: Blue Screen PAX: Gerber, Chastain, Dunkin, Premature, Rain Man, Zinfandel, O69 FNGs: None COUNT: 8 – extra stretching it warm up with calf stretches properly before side straddle hops – 10 exercises with sprints back-and-forth in the target parking lot multiple reps multiple repetitions. One Burpee thrown in at the end of […]

[cowbell] Soggy Waffle

AO: Cowbell Q: Deadwood PAX: Rockslide, Deadwood, Dunkin, Zinfandel, Glidah, Soggy Matt Wagner, Chastain FNGs: None COUNT: 7 Wet wet wet!! 7 exercises: Curls Big boys Upright rows Lbc Chest press Triceps Romanian Deadlifts Each person starts at a cone with a bell. 10 reps of first exercise…leave the bell and run to the next […]

[cowbell] 12 Days of Cowbell Christmas

AO: Cowbell Q: Dunkin PAX: Gerber, Premature, Jeff Mauro (Re-Run), Nessie, Dunkin, Re-Lax FNGs: None COUNT: 6 WARMUP: -Mosey -Stretchy-stretch -Get warm and limber THE THANG: “12 Days of Christmas” (w/ kettlebells) – (1) tricep extension – (2) overhead press – (3) one-arm clean + press (each side) – (4) kb lunges (each side) – […]