[commitment] Posse showed up in a towel

AO: commitment Q: Hatchet PAX: SOGGY, McGruff, Jingles, Mad Dog, Elmer’s, Centerfold, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Hatchet, Doughboy, Dana, Cartel, Goodfella, Brutus, Crouton FNGs: None COUNT: 14 WARMUP: run in place. Mosey to back of school for various stretching. THE THANG: head to bball court for 11s. Meet in middle of court for four corners. […]

[border_patrol] Hills and Humidity

AO: Border_Patrol Q: Atlas PAX: Carb Load, Kid Rock, Jingles, Paper Jam FNGs: None COUNT: 5 4 plus a Rucker made it to COT for Border Patrol. We survived the hills and humidity of Walnut Creek. Carb Load Paper Jam Kid Rock Jingles

[border_patrol] Hills and Humidity

AO: Border_Patrol Q: Atlas PAX: Atlas, Jingles, Carb Load, Kid Rock, Paper Jam FNGs: None COUNT: 5 4 PAX plus 1 late arriving rucker battled hills and humidity.

[commitment] The Qs Clock

AO: Commitment Q: Rockslide PAX: Black Hat, Jingles, SOGGY, Gerber, Fuse Box, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Posse, McGruff, Schedule C, Deep Dish, Munchkin, Radar, Centerfold, Goodfella (Jim Badolato), Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Chainsaw, J-Woww, Zinfandel, ChatterBox, Cartel FNGs: None COUNT: 21 WARMUP: DiCCS given, then mosey to the Millbridge clubhouse parking lot. Arm circles forward […]

[pursuit] Week 1 Times Hill Repeats

AO: Pursuit Q: Paper Jam PAX: Damascus, Kid Rock, Jingles, Flip Phone, Atlas, Rubbermaid, Paper Jam, Ghosted (Christopher Brantigan) FNGs: None COUNT: 8 WARMUP: 10+ minute warm up run THE THANG: 3 minutes up the hill, 2 minutes down the hill at similar pace. Recover to bottom of hill. Rinse and Repeat. Mosey back to […]

[gumby] good to be back

AO: Gumby Q: Bratwurst PAX: Bratwurst, Paper Jam, Premature, Dunkin, McGruff, Jingles FNGs: None COUNT: 6 post July 4th beatdown recovery

[gumby] Chatterbox

AO: Gumby Q: Paper Jam PAX: Black Hat, Jingles, Falcon FNGs: None COUNT: 4 A chatty group this morning and one who stretched his legs by rucking. We came, we stretched and left. Take Out by Falcon.

[flash] Lieutenant Dan’s Revenge

AO: Flash Q: Mad Dog PAX: Blue Screen, Glidah, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Hi-Hat, Jingles, Ice9, Tomahawk, Newnan, FNGs: None COUNT: 31 We did stuff and sweat. SNB whined the whole time and experienced a tear in his sphincter region.

[flash] Lieutenant Dan’s Revenge

AO: Flash Q: Mad Dog PAX: SnB, D.A.R.E., Twinkle toes, Easy Button, Surge – Jim Connell, Bottlecap, Gerber, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Honeycomb, Noonan, Falcon, Bishop, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Inspector Gadget, Chicken Little, Rockwell, J-Woww, Rabbit, Transporter, Dasher – Jeff Green, Hollywood, Will Scurry, Deadwood, Schneider/Tom Evans, Blue Screen, Glidah, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, […]

[paper_trail] A little wet

AO: Paper_Trail Q: Deadwood PAX: Deadwood, Hollywood, Dasher – Jeff Green, Damascus, Jingles, Rubbermaid, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Cliffhanger, Bratwurst FNGs: None COUNT: 9 No warmup….a little mud and some good times. Slow mosey