[ruckus] Mothers Day Ruckus

AO: ruckus Q: Catfish PAX: Shriver, Pyro, Dunkin, Animal Chris VanDruff, Catfish, Posse, Rockslide, Black Hat, Blades, Clay, Kermit, Sprinkles, Hoops, Spam FNGs: None COUNT: 14 2.0-friendly ruck on Mothers Day. Good times rucking through the woods! :muscle:

[_playhouse] Audible? Or Rust?

AO: _playhouse Q: Fredo PAX: Dunkin, Posse, Das Boot, LegalZoom, Premature, Cliffhanger, Fredo, ,One more at prelaunch? FNGs: None COUNT: 8 May have called an audible or two. Das Boot seemed to think it was rust. Don’t sweat it Das, I’ll Q your site next May! After a few years in retirement Posse coaxed me […]

[_3rd-f-leadership] Freed to Lead: Chapters 6, 7, & 8

AO: _3rd-f-leadership Q: Posse PAX: Dunkin, Fuse Box, Posse FNGs: None COUNT: 3 – Pax Essay: Slow Pitch – When Sobriety Isn’t Enough – Recovering alcoholic & drug addict – Halfway house & AA (using the 12 steps) – In sobriety: – Found a wife – Started a family – Gained a lot of weight […]

[_playhouse] Merkins + Big Boys

AO: _playhouse Q: Goodfella PAX: Dana, Das Boot, Fester, Posse, Premature, @Tanyatine, @HotYoga, @Punxsy, @jwoww FNGs: None COUNT: 10 What had happened was: We did a running warmup with exercises, we did a lot of sets of Merkins + Big Boys around the Marvin Ridge campus, some partner work at the cafeteria picnic tables, lifted […]

[last_call] Cleveland baby!

AO: last_call Q: Rooster PAX: Punxsy, Gerber, LegalZoom, Posse, J-Woww, Noonan, Das Boot, Hot Yoga, Premature FNGs: None COUNT: 10 What had happened was: Mosey across to publix Side straddle hops, merkins with questioned counting, shoulder sets, down and up dog into some JLos Quick mosey to wall for wall sits jabs, balls to the […]

[convergence] Lift and Shift

AO: convergence Q: Chastain PAX: Punxsy, Rain Man, Cliffhanger, Twinkle toes, Falcon, Bottlecap, Brant (Wahoo), Animal Chris VanDruff, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Rubbermaid, Hollywood, Kid Rock, 2xT, Carb Load, ChatterBox, Dana, Blue Screen, Zinfandel, Shania, Rockslide, Rockwell, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Elmer’s, Inspector Gadget, Schneider/Tom Evans, Spitz, Posse, Damascus, Smithers, Deflated, Gerber, Chicken Little, Das […]

[border_patrol] Inspiring the youth who inspires the PAX

AO: border_patrol Q: Kid Rock PAX: SnB, Flip Phone, Goodfella, Posse, Fester, Snowball, Magic Man FNGs: None COUNT: 8 To start- YHC made a rookie mistake of only posting the launch point in the Playhouse. This caused several PAX not to know where to start and we had 2 separate launch points- 1 in WC […]

[down_range] The Cleveland Steamer

AO: down_range Q: Rooster , Punxsy PAX: Punxsy, Posse, Rooster FNGs: None COUNT: 3 WOD: f3cleveland.com/f3-may-challenge-mini-challenges/ Rooster & Punxsy did an awesome job organizing this layout, including finding a less prickly, but just as moist field. Posse was working just to keep from getting lapped by the young bucks. All of our collective teammates were […]

[last_call] Last call

AO: last_call Q: Hatchet PAX: Hatchet, Cutlet, Rooster, Posse FNGs: None COUNT: 4 What had happened was:

[_3rd-f-leadership] Freed to Lead: Ch 3

AO: _3rd-f-leadership Q: Posse PAX: Cutlet, Posse FNGs: None COUNT: 2 – Pax Essay: Hoff – Hospitality Leadership, in 3 Acts – Each man who comes to F3 has a unique treasure – It may or may not have been validated – This was the case for Posse. Mad Dog made an offhanded remark in […]