[ruck_u] Over The Creek And Through The Woods

AO: Ruck_U Q: Fuse Box PAX: Fuse Box, Black Hat, Inspector Gadget, Radar, Spitz, Jingles FNGs: None COUNT: 6 A beautiful morning for a ruck. Arrived early to see who cars and a massive motor home with a pull behind trailer already in the lot. (Damn it Gerber – did we win the lottery and […]

[ruck_u] La

AO: Ruck_U Q: Recalc- Keith Balaniz PAX: Jingles, Black Hat, ChatterBox, Dana, Spitz, Surge – Jim Connell, Radar, Longhorn RichRod FNGs: None COUNT: 10 WARMUP: None THE THANG: 1/2 mile loop around campus Exercises with backpack 🎒 to 7 SSH, Squats, Merkin, mountain climber Remove pack- 7 man maker/burpees Saddle back up – repeat 4 […]

[ruck_u] Splinters where?

AO: Ruck_U Q: Radar PAX: Ice9, Kid Rock, Jingles, Dana, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Inspector Gadget, Surge – Jim Connell, Spitz, Radar FNGs: None COUNT: 9 When I saw Ice9 and Kid Rock roll up this morning, I was giddy as a kid at a candy store, then I saw Jingles roll in and I realized […]

[ruck_u] It’s a Journey

AO: Ruck_U Q: Dunkin PAX: Radar, Jingles, Surge – Jim Connell, Dunkin, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Premature FNGs: None COUNT: 6 Several newbies getting their rucks adjusted before it’s time to set off. Instructions: -Goal is to get in 4 miles during the next hour. -And do 100 burpees (as a group) along the way. -And…let’s […]

[ruck_u] Lovesack

AO: Ruck_U Q: Chastain PAX: Chastain, Radar, Landfill, Jingles, Dana, Black Hat FNGs: None COUNT: 6 No one reads backblasts any more, BUT IF THEY DID they might come to learn that Ruck U (and rucking in general) isn’t just walking around with a heavy backpack on. Certainly that’s a part of it, but it’s […]