[ignition] Which way?

AO: Ignition Q: Deadwood PAX: Bottlecap, Chris Young – Gypsy, Schnitzel, Easy Button, Gerber, Rain Man, Dasher – Jeff Green, Ice9, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Chastain, Stinger FNGs: None COUNT: 11 We ran, did merkins, got a little lost ( I did) and Bonnie Blair’s. It was fun….we hit between 5.2-5.5. Well done guys!

[impromptu] Is Impromptu the small brother of Ignition?

AO: Impromptu Q: Schnitzel PAX: Chicken Little, Magnolia, Falcon, Mute, Rockwell, Mad Dog, Dana, Chainsaw, Chris Young – Gypsy, Schneider/Tom Evans, Schnitzel, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano FNGs: None COUNT: 12 WARMUP: „What? We are leaving the campus? Do we need a headlamp? This is not Ignition! Don‘t get it mixed up!“ – were just […]

[dromedary] Wing it Wednesday

AO: Dromedary Q: Judge Smails PAX: Chicken Little, Dunkin, Schnitzel, Deep Dish, Chris Young – Gypsy, Schneider/Tom Evans FNGs: None COUNT: 7 WARMUP: vanilla with a little Dunkin’ reverse donut arm circles THE THANG: Teams of twoish doing sets of 200 merkins, 200 dips, 200 step ups, and 300 jump rope reps. While one team […]

[ignition] Colder than a Polar Bear’s Ice Hole

AO: Ignition Q: Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach PAX: Mad Dog, Blue Screen, Schnitzel, Dunkin, Doughboy, Ice9, Chainsaw, Fuse Box, Posse, Inspector Gadget, Greg Holencsak – Turnbuckle, Cliffhanger, Elmer’s, Radar, Chris Young – Gypsy, El Chapo, Smokey FNGs: None COUNT: 18 THE THANG: Goal was to keep moving and stay warm. Goal completed. Disclaimer: No animals […]

[ignition] Simply having a wonderful Ignition time

AO: Ignition Q: Chastain PAX: Chastain, Gerber, Rain Man, Bottlecap, Rabbit, Rockslide, Dasher – Jeff Green, Schnitzel, Chris Young – Gypsy, Ice9, Recalc- Keith Balaniz FNGs: None COUNT: 11 Things that happened: Chastain had roughly 3 hours of sleep. Chastain didn’t read the weather report and dressed for temps 20 degrees lower than actual. Chastain […]