[impromptu] Is Impromptu the small brother of Ignition?

December 30, 2022
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AO: Impromptu
Q: Schnitzel
PAX: Chicken Little, Magnolia, Falcon, Mute, Rockwell, Mad Dog, Dana, Chainsaw, Chris Young – Gypsy, Schneider/Tom Evans, Schnitzel, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano
FNGs: None
„What? We are leaving the campus? Do we need a headlamp? This is not Ignition! Don‘t get it mixed up!“ – were just a few initial reactions… isn‘t it great to get out there early in the morning and bring fellow PAX out of their comfort zone?!? 😂
Mosey around the parking lot in front of the MS. Usual warmup exercises: SSH, Moroccon Nightclubs, Imperial Walkers, potato pickers, calf stretches, mountain climbers, downward- and upward dog.
Mosey right across the street in front of the MS (where the signals are) to mosey on the sidewalk to the 55+ community. Some took it really exciting „oh wow – something new!“ others thought about the horrors of going into a neighborhood during a workout! 🙈
Instructions were (but we started doing it all together, initially): at every crossing where you can turn right, 1x Burpee, then turn right. At every cul-de-sac alternate between 10 merkins and 10 squats. So far so good…. I just underestimated the distance between the second and third cul-de-sac… ooops…
Once we were back at the entrance of the neighborhood, mosey back to MS.
Partner up with opposite speeds. Between the Partners do 100x big boys, 150x step-ups, 200x dips. The other partner runs the small lap on the parking lot.
I had 2 more sets of exercises planned, but gosh… time was flying!
Back to COT and finish off with a few American Hammers… while the fartsackers from Swarm were just starting their workout.
It is always great to be out there and lead the Pax, try to accommodate all speeds and abilities and still be able to push everyone! And even though many are doing this crazy sh since many years already, one can still be surprised by new things!
– Something like a convergence will happen on Monday.
– Ricky Bobby has another production airing on Monday…aehm…Sunday… or something like that. Between Football and Nascar
– since everybody got a tasting of Ignition today, I hope to see many new faces there moving forward! It is the best workout in the entire Waxhaw area (using this opportunity to do some marketing here!)!
Mad Dog lead us out – thank you!