[commitment] The Qs Clock

AO: Commitment Q: Rockslide PAX: Black Hat, Jingles, SOGGY, Gerber, Fuse Box, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Posse, McGruff, Schedule C, Deep Dish, Munchkin, Radar, Centerfold, Goodfella (Jim Badolato), Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Chainsaw, J-Woww, Zinfandel, ChatterBox, Cartel FNGs: None COUNT: 21 WARMUP: DiCCS given, then mosey to the Millbridge clubhouse parking lot. Arm circles forward […]

[bushwood] Patriot Games – Gnatville Edition

AO: Bushwood Q: Posse, Bratwurst PAX: Chastain, Dunkin, Bratwurst, Drive By – Rob Rosenthal, Fuse Box, Premature, Munchkin, Atlas, C3P0, Kid Rock, Seabass- Tim Carey, Ghosted (Christopher Brantigan), Rudy, Chainsaw, Ice9, Recalc- Keith Balaniz, Catfish, Damascus, Mute, Deep Dish, J-Woww, Kyle Maul-Breadbowl, Doughboy, Bishop, Mad Dog, Mike Howard, Landfill, Noonan, Stag, Spitz, Centerfold, Maple Syrup […]

[bushwood] Hitting 3 Courses @ Bushwood

AO: Bushwood Q: J-Woww PAX: J-Woww, Deep Dish, One Star, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, Watergate FNGs: None COUNT: 5 WARMUP: Mosey around the circle for traditional warmups THE THANG: Attempt to run to 3 neighborhoods at each corner of each neighborhood change up the exercise MARY: 3.4 miles in, great job Gentleman, rain felt good ANNOUNCEMENTS: Blood […]

[last_call] Fiji left the island!

AO: Last_Call Q: Fiji PAX: Fiji, Honeycomb, Noonan, Deep Dish, J-Woww, Das Boot FNGs: None COUNT: 6 Fiji ventured off the isles of Bushwood for the first time in a long while, thanks to heavy coercion (or losing a bet?) to the site Qs at Last Call. Q led all over the school grounds, remembering […]

[dromedary] Balls of Your Ass???

AO: Dromedary Q: Atlas PAX: Deep Dish, Atlas, Posse, Noonan, Premature, Honeycomb, JWow, Eclipse FNGs: None COUNT: 8 The workout was a “Meat (running) and three (3 exercises – one each of legs, abs, and arms. We traversed the entire campus and ended up with 2.6 miles. Good effort by all

[bushwood] The Executive Course at Ladera / Graduation Day

AO: Bushwood Q: Das Boot PAX: Das Boot, One Star, Deep Dish, Twinkle toes, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, Dunkin, Noonan, Big Tuna FNGs: None COUNT: 8 YHC was feeling all kinds of emotions less than 3 hours before his first 2.0’s high school graduation and 7 other PAX unknowingly showed for an “Oh, the places you’ll go” […]

[_playhouse] Prayers for Parents

AO: _Playhouse Q: Twinkle toes PAX: Centerfold, Das Boot, Deep Dish, Hi-Hat, J-Woww, One Star, Twinkle toes, Noonan, big tuna, eclipse, honeycomb FNGs: None COUNT: 11 WARMUP: THE THANG: Bermuda Triangle, suicides, thurkin ab web MARY: ANNOUNCEMENTS: COT: prayers for parents, give thanks to and God bless teachers! Last day of school UC.

[dromedary] Tardy

AO: Dromedary Q: Rockwell PAX: Das Boot, Centerfold, J-Woww, Dana, Premature, Noonan, Schnitzel, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Honeycomb, Deep Dish, Houdini, Eclipse FNGs: 1 Eclipse COUNT: 14 Hmmm? Was my watch wrong this morning? With 30 seconds before GO TIME I gave the disclaimer. Off in the distance I see a string of […]

[commitment] What did I get myself into?

AO: Commitment Q: Das Boot PAX: Sugar Daddy- Joe Gummersbach, Deep Dish, Das Boot, Zinfandel, Dave Bailey aka Popeye, Landfill, J-Woww, Fuse Box, NOODLE, Shriver, Munchkin, The Wizard, Speed Bump FNGs: None COUNT: 13 “What did I get myself into?” is a question often uttered by FNGs and it was likely asked multiple times today, […]

[dromedary] 59th Birthday Q (No Burpees)

AO: Dromedary Q: J-Woww PAX: J-Woww, Deep Dish, Noonan, Das Boot, Dana, Judge Smails, Cliffhanger, Rockwell, One Star, Centerfold, Hooch, Cavalier, Chunky Soup, Ridge Rod?, Lambert FNGs: 1 Lambert COUNT: 15 WARMUP: Mosey to HS for normal warmup THE THANG: Traveled around the High School doing some different exercises, listening (ignoring) the complaints on trying […]