[flash] Keep It Moving

AO: Flash Q: Rockwell PAX: Surge – Jim Connell, Zinfandel, Rabbit, ChatterBox, Ricky Bobby – Andrew Cassano, Mad Dog, PSenick – F3 twinkle toes, J-Woww, Shop Dawg, Damascus, Magnolia, Noonan, Hi-Hat, SnB, D.A.R.E., O69, Foundation, Chicken Little, Shriver, Rerun, Relax FNGs: None COUNT: 22 A little curveball to start the day with NO opening Mosey. […]

[ignition] Simply having a wonderful Ignition time

AO: Ignition Q: Chastain PAX: Chastain, Gerber, Rain Man, Bottlecap, Rabbit, Rockslide, Dasher – Jeff Green, Schnitzel, Chris Young – Gypsy, Ice9, Recalc- Keith Balaniz FNGs: None COUNT: 11 Things that happened: Chastain had roughly 3 hours of sleep. Chastain didn’t read the weather report and dressed for temps 20 degrees lower than actual. Chastain […]