[body_shop] Mostly Never Rains at the Body Shop

December 22, 2022
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AO: Body_Shop
Q: C3P0
PAX: Das Boot, C3P0
FNGs: None
Well I heard it never rains at the Body Shop so after vacationing in Las Vegas the last 7 days, stepping up to Q seemed like a good way to get back on track, and with holiday hours, what an opportunity! I didn’t look at the weather predictions, so it soon became clear why I didn’t have to fight too hard for the Q slot. Oh well, embrace the suck & all that and it never does suck as bad as you feared. But at 6:29 I was still alone, and contemplating if I should test my time of doing a half-Murph (sure to be a personal slowest time record), but Das Boot came in hot so I stuck with the original half-thought out plan.

WARMUP: run up the hill to the fire station and circle up (line up) for LSS, SSH, IW, plank, merkin, run back

THE THANG: using the side entrance for some shelter from the rain we partner up. P1 runs a lap & P2 uses coupon for total of:
100 thrusters
200 donkey kicks
300 (audible 200!) coupon swings
400 jump rope
farmer carry the coupons back to COT and line up for 30 seconds of Al Gore and we’re out of time. We must have been having fun because the time flew by

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Holiday hours in full effect and lots of options this weekend for posting both in Waxhaw and SOB.

COT: 39 degrees and rain does discourage the PAX from attending, but we were blessed with a light drizzle most of the time. I made up for that by stepping in several puddles though. Still, it didn’t really start pouring until we were just wrapping up so it could have been much worse. The work kept us warm & its always good to catch up with my coworker @Das_Boot, but somehow we didn’t mention work once. He always brings a smile and great attitude so the time passed quickly and it was a lot less miserable.