[body_shop] One is the loneliest number

December 15, 2022

AO: Body_Shop
Q: Das Boot
PAX: Das Boot
FNGs: None
100% chance of rain early Thursday morning and YHC couldn’t spin that inner any other way. In there past, YHC had posted the “It never rains at The Body Shop” meme and maybe not posting it this time caused it to rain? Oh ye of little faith…

YHC showed up and waited. And waited. Then ran to a semi covered area for various exercises. Why on earth is a grown man at an elementary school at 0545 doing jumping jacks in the rain? Cry for help? A cry for attention? Poor mattress choices years ago? Mostly the realization that the kids would bee up soon anyway so it was pointless to try to go home and go back to bed. It seems sad to see just 3 PAX in the gloom, but that’s definitely more than a solo effort. Thanks to all those guys who show up to be the second, third and fourth man in the gloom on extra gloomy days.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Holiday hours on Dec 22.