[the_appetizer] Not Gonna Make It - But Did

December 6, 2022

AO: _Appetizer
Q: C3P0
PAX: Radar
FNGs: None

WARMUP: ran from COT up hill and back to learn it is .87 miles (turned at last driveway on right. Add a little either side for full mile).
THE THANG: 5 pull up, 25 kb swing, run lap around lot x3. Radar joined me so we each grabbed a 45lb plate, carry innocent hand, and walk laps around the lot. Switch hands each half lap. Two laps, plank and various merkins. Walk two more laps with last doing rifle carry over to swings. Standing, hold swing and lean back to do incline rows, pause at top. Over to bar same thing. Back to swing for more. Then 1 leg lunge with back leg anchored in swing. Good for balance & a weak spot for us both but my experience paid off near the end. Farmer carry plates back and were done, unless I forgot something.
MARY: sorry mary
COT: Glad to see Radar again & have some good conversation getting insights on rucking and learning more about his background. I wish there was more F3 closer to his home as he spends more time driving than working out so give him extra credit for showing up. Have fun at the Pearl Harbor theme SCMS AO tomorrow brother. SYITG