[the_appetizer] Q'd by Xerox

April 11, 2023
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AO: _Appetizer
Q: Xerox – William Holman
PAX: Zinfandel, Honeycomb, C3P0, T1000
FNGs: None
Xerox isn’t checking slack much so I don’t expect him to post a BB so here’s a quick recap as a thanks for his lead…
WARMUP: mosey around school, stopping at intersections for 20x SSH, IW +5 Hill Billies, mosey some more, stop for streching under awning in field. Mosey around field to see guy messing with parachute airplane thing (no idea what they’re called, but riding a motor cycle on the highway without a helmet look a lot safer) he said he’s not flying, just practicing setup (sigh)
THE THANG: mosey on to benches in the woods, 3rounds 20x step up & dips. Mosey to COT grabs some bands and over to swing set. Four band pulling stations, 1 runner/timer. Three rounds of pulling and twisting and running.
MARY: on your six, 20x freddy mercury, LBCs, Plank, MCs, BBs, Box Cutters to the end. Time
ANNOUNCEMENTS: WTF coming up end of the month, beer ruck in SOB late in May, COTS highly recommended by @Honeycomb
COT: Strong lead by @Xerox who keeps showing up and getting stronger. Good to see @Honeycomb too who’s threatening to be a regular now & also cool to have @Zinfandel push himself for the daily-double see you at Cowbell int the AM? Gumby sounds nice too. Also of course happy to drag out my personal 2.0 and Kotters my T1000 who didn’t show that he’s been pretty inactive for the last 6 months (athletically at least, school-wise he kicked school’s ass). Grateful it was a cool evening, we got lucky as it was perfect. Great work @Xerox. I’ll bring cool water next week!