[the_appetizer] Run Pull Repeat

January 10, 2023
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AO: _Appetizer
Q: C3P0
PAX: William Holman – Xerox, Southern Tip – Brent, Gobbles
FNGs: None
DISCCs and we’re off
WARMUP: mosey to top of the hill by fire station, circle up, 12x: SSH, LSS, Merkin (x20) can opener mosey down to track
THE THANG: setup 3 stations of band for face pulls (should have placed them a little higher) and one extra band for cross over type of lawn mower whatever (it was 100lb so good luck moving it any direction). Four PAX at 4 stations do 12 reps each of face pulls, and move to next station. Repeat until everyone does 4 stations.
Run 2 laps, and sprint for first half of 2nd lap (@Southern_Tip is fast). Repeat 4 sets with the bands, all face pulls.
– Circle up, each PAX does 3 burpees while the others do LSS waiting their turn (I did burpees with each PAX to make progress in the daily burpee challenge [min 100 per day, aka MABA]).
– Run another 2 laps, this time sprinting at 2nd quarter of the 2 lap run.
– Repeat 3 round of 4 sets on bands (all face pulls & cross over)
– Circle up and do LSS, while each PAX takes turn at 5 Sister Mary Catherine’s while I do burpees the whole time (go MABA)
– Run 2 laps with sprint at 3rd quarter of the run
– Last set of face pulls & mosey back to COT
MARY: opps no Mary – let’s triple up next week!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: lunch every Friday, blood drive coming up, prayers for spouses and families struggling with health and other concerns & thanks for those of us struggling only with minor and trivial issues.
COT: Good work @Xerox I hope your feeling well and getting better, good work keeping up. Also great to see @Southern_Tip & 2.0 Gobbles again. The schedule of The Appetizer works for them and that’s what we’re here for. This was my first post in 7 days as my older kid was visiting from college so early bed time was not an option and this MABA burpee challenge is making it even harder to get up early, or really just get up at all.