[body_shop] A trip to the Regal Beagle

April 13, 2023
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AO: Body_Shop
Q: Das Boot
PAX: Das Boot, Fuse Box, Honeycomb
FNGs: None
Spring break Thursday was Three’s Company day at The Body Shop with a holiday hours start and 3 PAX.

WARMUP: Mosey, SSH, hillbilly squawkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Nancy Kerrigans and some stretching.

THE THANG: Paula Abdul on the arrows through the parking lot with 5 hand release merkins on the forward arrow and 3 bomb jacks in the back arrow. We hit about 13 arrows.

mosey to the map for some plank shuffling.

Mosey to the Gaga pit to try the hop overs that Fuse lived earlier in the week. Laps around the track with increasing big boys at each corner with a playground ball between the knees. another lap with 5 staggered merkins at each corner, alternating hands on the ball.

MARY: Plank for 20 seconds.

MOLESKINE: Light week in the UC with spring break in full effect but just like Jack, Janet and Chrissy, we had some laughs and three was enough. Terri never showed up, and we didn’t decide who was who in the cast. The PAX can decide that.

Like any good night at the Regal Beagle, there was plenty of conversation to go around. Two of us learned that boys from single mother families are 150% more likely to spend time in jail — YHC is glad to beat the odds on that one… so far. Fuse’s daughter is already pitching mid-40s and we’re going the scouts are paying attention. mound to home distance is shorter in softball so she’s blazing it in there. Honeycomb had an unfortunate experience as a teen where he ended up wearing another boy’s tighty whities and they were more tighty than tidy or whitey 😵‍💫. YHC’s oldest is way too literal when reading online instructions and there is great fear for how she will survive in the wild after her impending graduation.

Huge props to Fuse for making two beatdowns on the holiday — a man among men. Weather was great and it was a fantastic day to push each other to be there when it may not have been the first and easy preference.

COT: Of course.