[pursuit] 5 for a 5 forked Lightning

February 23, 2023
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AO: Pursuit
Q: Bratwurst
PAX: Nordberg, Endo, Ghosted (Christopher Brantigan), Flip Phone, Bratwurst
FNGs: None
WARMUP: run up the Millbridge spine (the path) from the Start Point, through the playground, up past the 2nd tunnel to the end of the “south” side in a cul-de-sac. Chalk marking right (and wrong) turns. Some dynamic stretching while the six gathers.

THE THANG: Run up 5 different branches from the Spine, which is the lowest point in the neighborhood, to a point “up ahead” and then recovery run to return to the start point and let the six gather. Mosey to the next starting point.

Spine 1: Lydney to Burton Pt – 0.5mi, 62ft elevation gain, about 2.5% grade overall
Spine 2: Hudson Mill – 0.3mi, 92′ gain, 5.8% grade overall; well-known hill in Millbridge
Spine 3: Lydgate aka “Mountain Goat Exit” – 0.3mi, 74′ gain, 4.7% grade overall; seemed steepest of the morning and is a non-stop hill
Spine 4: PaperJam’s hill – 0.4mi, 78′ gain, 3.7% grade overall; took a BIG effort due to length
Spine 5: Tunnel to Gravel road – 0.4mi, 0′ gain, 0% grade overall; flat but twisty turnSSS

Regroup and recover one more time back up to Millbridge Pkwy along the gravel road, return to COT through the playground.

March 4th Brewery Run in SOB land.
May 6th WTF! (Waxhaw Trail Fest)

COT: Pray for Phil, brother of Flip Phone, who is dealing with brain mass.