[pursuit] Chasing hills

February 22, 2024
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AO: pursuit
Q: Cliffhanger
PAX: Rubbermaid, Kid Rock, Flip Phone, Ghosted (Christopher Brantigan), Paper Jam, Cliffhanger
FNGs: None
What had happened was:
We went on a hill-chase hunt today. Only one rule to be obeyed: on each roundabout or circle, we go around and pick up the six.

Mosey up Millbridge to Lydgate (that’s a significant uphill right there!). We took a right for the first instalment of hill repeats: attack the uphill at 80% effort and mosey downhill.

No need to stop or recover, mosey to the Hudson Mill Rd roundabout, to start the second set of hill repeats (same protocol). All the way to Pebble Brook Circle, back, and onward again to Pebble Brook.

On our way to Fallondale we attacked all uphills in Silverwood. Once in Fallondale, the third series of hill repeats.

With about 12 minutes to spare, Flip suggested one more insane hill: Primrose Way, which we gladly stormed full force.

Back to COT via Crestview, which gave us one more uphill.