[cowbell] 12 Days of Cowbell Christmas

December 21, 2022
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AO: Cowbell
Q: Dunkin
PAX: Gerber, Premature, Jeff Mauro (Re-Run), Nessie, Dunkin, Re-Lax
FNGs: None
-Get warm and limber

“12 Days of Christmas” (w/ kettlebells)
– (1) tricep extension
– (2) overhead press
– (3) one-arm clean + press (each side)
– (4) kb lunges (each side)
– (5) squat thrusters
– (6) bicep curls
– (7) goblet squats
– (8) one-arm bent over row (each side)
– (9) kettlebell swings
– (10) upright row
– (11) bench/chest press
– (12) push press

One lap around the parking lot after each round.

“Cut a Flip” while waiting for the six (5 merkins / 10 Big Boy sit-ups).

We finished 11 rounds (including the lap) and had just enough time to do the 12 push presses

I found a good recipe to ensure that Fuse Box would not post; viz., (1) “Twelve Days of Christmas” theme (he hates it) and (2) no holiday hours (he loves holiday hours). Mission accomplished. I think Fuse Box is actually still in bed.  🤷‍♂️

Everyone was pushing hard the whole time this morning and successfully exhausted by the end.

Hats off to @Re-Run and (almost 12-year-old) Re-Lax for posting at Cowbell in their second week of doing F3! Mad respect. I think it took me six months to build up to it.

All pax will be delighted to know that we did not lose @Premature this morning (like we did at “The Lycan” last week). @Premature is temporarily confined only to small, well-lit parking lots where we have eyes on him at all times.  👀

Good to see @Nessie out again after being out due to illness. Crushing it, as usual. I’m sure we would not have lost @Premature last week if @Nessie had been there.  😉

Thanks to @Gerber for always bringing it and pushing me to get really sweaty and tired by the end of the workout, despite it being 30 degrees outside.

Watch Slack for convergences and holiday hours.

Prayers for fellow pax, wives, and kids. Everyone’s got something going on.  👊