[dromedary] Old School

May 3, 2023
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AO: Dromedary
Q: Dana
PAX: Centerfold, One Star, Deep Dish, Turner Bret, Shop Dawg, Munchkin, Salad, Dana, Rich Rod
FNGs: None
Went a little old school at Dromedary.

Mosey to tables at MRMS for SSH, Moroccan Nightclubs, Merkins, Stretching

Mosey to lower lot,
– Paula Abdul LBCs and Squats
– Split into groups of 3, the runner is the timer. Supines on ramp to field, Burpees at top of hill for 3 rounds.
– Suicides in lot with 5 Merkins at each line.

Mosey to rock pile.
– groups of 3 runner is timer, corner one is rock exercises, corner 3 Big Boys – 4 rounds.

YHC took us out

– prayers for Bottlecaps family
– Praise for One Stars Mothers birthday this weekend.