[ruck_u] Get your rear in gear

April 27, 2023
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AO: Ruck_U
Q: Chastain
PAX: Chastain, Radar, Inspector Gadget, Landfill, McGruff
FNGs: None
I wasn’t sure how many pax we’d get today with the rainy weather. I wasn’t sure if we’d get anyone. In fact, I wasn’t sure I was even supposed to be the Q. But we got 5 and I WAS the Q and this is what we did.

All pax get a ruck. All pax get an extra piece of gear. In this case we had one block, one 26lb kettle bell, one 35lb kettle bell, one single man log, and one 60lb sandbag.

Starting at the edge of the gravel parking lot, move all gear to the very far curb near Mount X, stopping at every island to do 10 Ruck Squats (with your ruck but nothing in your hands). At the far end we split 100 Ruck Merkins amongst the 5 pax. Do as many as you can until we get to 100 total.

Heading back to the start we must move ALL gear but only FOUR pax may carry gear. Stop at each island for more Ruck Squats. Again, 100 Ruck Merkins split amongst the group.

Round 3 – ALL gear but only THREE pax may carry gear. It’s getting tricky now but with some maneuvering we made it happen. More Squats. More Merkins.

Wait, we’re doing it again?? Yes, ALL gear must go but only TWO pax may carry it. Not possible, at least not without loopholes. With a little prompting from the Q, the pax discovered it was permissible to swap gear, or go backwards to retrieve gear that was left behind. The group just had to stay together. More Squats. More Merkins.

With time dwindling we had one more round with only ONE pax carrying gear. I made an audible that we’d skip the Squats (much rejoicing) and take the gear to my truck instead of the far curb (more rejoicing). With a sandbag on the shoulders and a kettlebell in each hand, one pax carried the gear halfway then handed it all off to another pax to finish the rest of the trek. As we turned around the retrieve the remaining coupon and log the pax didn’t notice a sneaky Q grab the two kettlebells and carry them back to the start. It wasn’t until they all heard the metallic clink of bells hitting the asphalt that they saw the trickery. Once more we journeyed to the truck, this time with log and coupon in tow. Back to the remaining gear and then a super quick ruck shuffle to get the final pieces to COT.

Today was a fun one (for me) as it brought a little bit of a mental challenge to the group and a realization that sometimes the rules aren’t fair. Still, the group were all good sports and there was little to no complaining. That might change as the soreness from 240+ Ruck Squats and anywhere from 100-150+ Ruck Merkins sets in.

Inspector Gadget is the Professor next week. He was taking notes and will have something equally insidious in store next Thursday.