[the_appetizer] Real Numbers

November 29, 2022
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AO: _Appetizer
Q: C3P0
PAX: Chastain, William Holman – Xerox, Hatchet, Wrangler, Jenga
FNGs: None
Quick DICSS (mostly)
WARMUP: circle-up and follow Wrangler with wiggly feet doing butt kickers, proceed to high knees, LSS, plank, can opener, stalling while our late joiner joins. Mosey around the lot three laps
THE THANG: grab some gear from back of the car (2 bands, 20 ball, orange cones and 4 dice) go to playground string up band to support pull ups, leave ball, and take cones and dice to BB court.
Little game of chance. Two 2.0s roll dice, high roll does one exercise written on the cone loser does another (sometime easier, no guarantees). For some exercises we did the # rolled, for others just 12 reps or travel length of the BB court (e.g, bear crawl). It added some variety and fun.
Next partner up (the 2.0s together), for circuit of;
– band assisted pull ups (just enough help to keep going)
– thruster toss with the 20lb ball over the monkey bars (fun catching that)
– run lap with your partner (timer)
Two rounds of that and we were not feeling the cold at all. Gather the gear up and head to COT
MARY: I was in the mood for planking so we did a lot of planking with side planking, then some box cutters, dolly and maybe another one or two I forgot. Was starting to feel it & I think I made a dent in some abs.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ornament party, Himpactlocal, and others (see #_events channel)
COT: I really enjoyed how Jenga (sp?) took his time doing a 10 count on the plank holds, giving us all a bit more of a push than expected. Great having some fresh blood out & good to see Hatchet again despite long trip to FL and back. Thanks for the support Chastain & see you again soon esp with these young men who are right about to start seeing the benefits of this labor. Take care Xerox and let me know if I can help any/all anytime.