[the_appetizer] Turnout Down but Higher than Average

January 3, 2023
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AO: _Appetizer
Q: C3P0
PAX: Radar, Stalker, Southern Tip – Brent, C3P0, Gobbels
FNGs: 1 Gobbels
DISCCs given to the PAX as we had a late kick off due to everyone being a site virgin and more introduction and orientation talk to get things going
WARMUP: mosey down road, circle up at 2nd light (was going to go to the top of the hill, but saw additional joiner drive in and want to give him a chance to catch up). SSH, plank, can opener, IW, plank, merkin, MC, peter parker (all 15x except planks of course)
THE THANG: mosey to COT and grab some goodies from the car and watch 3 of 5 PAX rifle carry the items to the play ground.

5 station Circuit:
1. runner (timer) 1/2 lap doing farmer carry two 45lb plates, run 1/2 lap (each runner alternates whether they run first or carry first depending on where the plates were left by the previous runner)
2. jump rope
3. thruster medicine ball toss
4. pull ups to failure, then descending pull ups
5. donkey kick
The farmer carry slowed down the timer so much one round was plenty of that – wow.
Next circuit at the swings:
1. runner (timer) runs lap (no farmer carry)
2. rows using swing (hold swing lean back, pull to chest in rowing motion)
3. one-leg lunge with back foot anchored in seat of swing
4. rows (same as #2)
5 one-leg lunge (same as #3)
We got in 1.67 rounds of that and ran out of time.
Pick up items and if you didn’t carry something the first time do carry back.
– Blood drive 1/20,
– Every Friday 2nd-F lunch at different place all year long (ask @Radar for alternates if you’re not in Waxhaw any given Friday)
COT: We didn’t have the turn out of last week, but I think that was a weird end of the vacation freak event. Today was more regular mid-Winter desire to get back into posting & let’s test out the evening option especially considering it is amazingly perfect weather and the sun won’t even get in your eyes.
Good to meet Southern Tip & his 2.0 the South Park fan hear-after known as Gobbles, both of whom weren’t slowed down by anything I threw at them this evening. Also welcome Stalker whom I still didn’t hear the meaning behind his name so he has to come back soon and explain. Finally glad that Radar was able to make it again as he’s becoming a site regular despite the commute. His one-legged lunge improved considerably, and with any luck again avoided any knee injuries (what doesn’t require surgery to recover from makes us stronger, or something like that). Thanks for following my tom foolery and I look forward to leading you all again (or be led by, plenty of openings for future Q’s hint hint).