[_playhouse] Off The Chain

May 29, 2024
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AO: _playhouse
Q: Cartel
PAX: Rockwell, Paul Boskovich – Kodak, Buffet, Magnolia, Tron, Kick Stand, Rag, Carb Load, Mullet/David, Southern Tip – Brent, Stretcher
FNGs: None
What had happened was: 12 biking brothers decided to have just one group so 1 & 1A became A1A tonight. Magnolia & Stretcher led the way across the creek to try out some of the new jump features (rollers for some of us). The OTC trail fairies have made so many improvements and expanded so many trails it is truly impressive, kudos to you guys! Off to Cutty, the Green Mile and POCO for some challenging climbs and sweet downhills. Rockwell and yours truly missed a turn and hit the old XC trails on the way back, drier and better but lots of debris everywhere. Finally back to parking lot for COT, announcements, awards, stories and of course cold beverages. Stretcher passed on the Flava Flav award to Magnolia and TRON passed on the stumpy award to the Q for solidly holding down the 6 tonight! Same Bat Time same Bat Channel next week boys maybe Kick Stand will have his new bikes assembled he crammed in his car on the way back from Flo-rida!