[asylum] Black Jack

January 9, 2023
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AO: Asylum
Q: Fuse Box
PAX: Cliffhanger, Fuse Box, Flanders, Stag, Loafer, Landfill, Slag
FNGs: None
I had thoughts of taking the pax off campus to uncharted territory, but with only half the pax having headlamps I decided to audible. Playing cards left at cot for fun later.

1/2 Mile mosey. 20 ssh. Calf stretch. 20 mountain climbers. 10 3,6,9’s. Jimmy Duggans. Toy soldiers. 10 walking merkins. 10 inch worms.

Mosey to pet smart. 3 rounds of 10 donkey kicks then run to other end of parking lot for 10 3,6,9’s. One pax was doing 5,6,7’s but the guy beside him looked more like 2,6,10’s so I figured they averaged out.

Mosey to target for two rounds of four corners:
5 Turkish get ups
10 hobby hurleys.
15 merkins
20 curb dips

Progressive suicides starting with one merkin at the first tree and one Aussie burpee and the start. Then 2 and 2 all the way to 7.

Circle pax up and finish 8, then 9, then 10 merkins

Back to cot for blackjack. If the pax beat the dealer then we run a lap. Dealer wins then we do a harder exercise with the winning number. Spoiler, dealer won 4 of 5.
20 burpees
17 irkins
21 foot release squats
19 sister Mary Katherine’s


I recommend none of the pax today go to Vegas. Twice they hit when I wouldn’t have. One of those two times they would have won. I got accused of staking the deck (even after multiple shuffles) and dealing from the bottom.

It was good to see cliffhanger out. We may get an impromptu second f beers going before he heads back to Spain. Waiting on his actual leave date.

Slag is somehow not on slack? I told Flanders I would only q if he was on the calendar. Both Flanders and slag lied to me.

Flanders now knows google calendar is no more. How many other site q’s missed that announcement? Based on the number of tbd’s on the website, I’d say several.

Landfill filling in for Damascus today asking for count multiple times and asking what the center exercise was when I called four corners. 🤦‍♂️

Loafer and stag were steady eddys. No complaints. Not many oh yeahs either.

We are putting an emphasis on slackblasts this year. Slackblasts will help us keep up with metrics like: which site is the biggest, who is the lost leader, who has dropped off and stopped coming, so hasn’t q’ed in awhile.

Blood drive January 21