[bushwood] Competitive Connect 4

March 21, 2023
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AO: Bushwood
Q: Das Boot
PAX: Das Boot, One Star, Tanyatine-Tim Braun, Deep Dish, Ty Hix, Premature, Hatchet, Big Tuna
FNGs: None
It was a brisk one, dancing worth sub-30 temps but 8 PAX decided to get better… at board games?

WARMUP: Mosey along Marvin School Road to the short wall for some warning up. Dips while we waited for a couple of stragglers (not YHC this morning) to catch up. Then some Moroccan Might Club and goof ball, which Tanyatine excels at. 18x side step ups on the right leg, 9x jumps from sitting, 18x side step ups on the left side.

THE THANG: Head across the street to the small neighborhood where we split into teams of 4 to play some competitive Connect 4. One from each team runs up to the game a few houses up, plays their move and run back, while the remaining PAX do a called exercise..

First game roasted between T-merkins, Big boys, squats on the balls of your feet.

Second and third games roasted between alternating shoulder taps, pretzel crunch and side lunges.

Losing team does 10 burpees while the winner gets just 5.

The eight PAX learned that Connect 4 before 6 AM is more is a challenge than you might expect. Also a good thing that some of us didn’t pursue a career in competitive Connect 4 because that works not pay for a Marvin mortgage with the skills exhibited today.

The first game was a tight battle but the second surprised everyone when One Star and Waterboy came back after round 4 with the game on hand — how do you lose in four moves? Somehow One of them didn’t see the three reds in a row on the bottom, played black elsewhere, leaving open for straight reds on the bottom.

While we learned who not to call when your life depends on a game of Connect 4, it was great to catch up with some Kotters for Waterboy, hear Tanyatine’s strong disgust for the guy nearby running his sprinklers in this weather and to have some generally goofy conversation while playing an old board game.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lunch this week at 521 BBQ, blood drive.

COT: Yep.