[diesel] Lessons on denying Q-jacks

January 19, 2024
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AO: diesel
Q: Two Hand Touch
PAX: Sony, Rockslide, Rocketman, Lambeau, Mayhem, Black Hat, Two Hand Touch, Cliffhanger
FNGs: None
It was amusing to see Rockslide chirping in YHC’s ear trying to get his specific exercises: “Will be doing rows today?” “Whoa, I could really go for an ab-web right now.”
But the Q stayed strong and faithful to his weinke.

We took some time to correct form for the trickiest exercises. We don’t want anyone to get injured out there.

WARMUP: SSHs, stretching

– Side to side lunges
– Bicep curls
– Overhead triceps
– Single leg heel raise with weight on ledge
– Tempo squats with weights
– Rear delt flyes
– Crab dips
– Lateral raises
– Merkins
– Chest press with db squeeze
– Flutters
– Dollies
– Thrusters
– Lawnmowers
– Supines in circle call out exercise

Exlaxstravaganza (sp?) on Feb 3rd, Q-source this Saturday at 6, a bunch of 3rd-F opportunities marketed.
Mayhem and Cliffhanger requested prayers for friends and parents. YHC took us out.